Joiners, Southampton

Youth Of The Apocalypse

So with the news that one of the Joiners “favourite son’s” was back in town with a new band, a large crowd is expected. A super-group no less containing members of Klaxons/Gorillaz was always going be a big draw. Local support was sourced as openers and those Art/Rockers Jimmy B and the Death Rattles got on the bill. With a recent album release to promote. At an unfeasibly early hour they literally take to the stage at bang on 8pm. It’s only my 2nd Jimmy B gig but once again the entire band are immaculately attired in all manner of costumes. Daniel {vox) has dispensed with the (over) skirt tonight in favour of a Dickensian outfit. Mark (bass) has the sort of overcoat on of someone expecting a change in the weather” The remaining members are suitably attired including the rather lovely Marnie Fox, tonight’s only “dancer”!

They open confidently with “Tallulah” to a sparse crowd, but the numbers are growing. Their sound has grown since I saw them supporting Hands Off Gretel a few months back. “Numbers” follows as they grow into their set. My photographer felt Nate (lead guitar) was too statuesque, but I feel he is missing the point. Both he and David [rhythm) and Mark I feel are very deliberately remaining motionless in favour of Marnie’s energy out front. Sam (keys/bv’s) is chief shapeshifter tonight, notably on “We Are Fire” which he bellows the main vocal out on. His energy is infectious and his voice while harsh at times, carries well as this crowd continues to grow. With Miss “Sarah Twist” otherwise engaged, and Miss ‘Marnie Lewis’ in civvies enjoying the show, we only get one “Nymphette” (dancer) tonight. But Marnie Fox certainly puts in a performance. They end with “The Returned” which is note-perfect – Miss Lewis even engages in a bit of flag waving and this band shows a growth in confidence. They may be on the “graveyard shift” but I feel show enough to have won a few more fans.

Jimmy B
Jimmy B and the Death Rattles 123456789

Next up are a band fronted by none other than Rafferty Law, (son of Jude). Details are sketchy and even harder to find but I’m told this outfit are called Outer Stellar Overdrive. They deliver a set of Funky/Indie beats and songs. I’m immediately reminded of Jamie T – there’s a certain swagger attached to their output and overall stagecraft. It’s their first show outside of London and they display few nerves. Rafferty is confident and holds a high line in guitar playing while pacing back and forth. The quartet are dropping beats, mashing styles and forming sounds. There’s some Reggae in there too, along with a slow/fast formula on a few of the songs. There’s definitely a London slant to their songs and “street swagger”. I love the drums too, the man can hit a thunderous snare. Audioweb (IMO) are also an influence with their Punky/Reggae mash-ups while Rafferty has possibly the longest guitar lead in history! I wish I had heard them prior to this gig so I could garner some sort of opinion. But for a band on their first show outside the Capital they have done well. They leave to great applause and take the plaudits.

Overdrive 1234567

And so to the headliners. To give them their official moniker Youth Of The Apocalypse; fronted by none other than one time Joiners regular Jamie Reynolds, this supergroup take to the stage in (almost) matching attire. This sextet are going be loud tonight, and energetic. They set out their stall early with “Something’s Gotta Give”. Dual vocals and anthemic sing out loud choruses are the order of the day here. It’s loud, it’s brash and in yer face and a collection of styles I won’t begin to dissect. Again it’s laden with beats and samples and some dirty great riffs. And the bassist holds his guitar so low, it’s almost on the floor! The big drums and beats are nothing new to me and after about three songs I beat a retreat to the bar.

Youth Of The Apocalypse
YOTA 12345678

Drink purchased I hang around at the back. The sound is (to me) much more enjoyable now. I feel they have a sound more suited to a bigger venue but I’m guessing they are either trying out new material, or going for the “intimate” vibe. For me it’s so far removed from The Klaxons and more a big beat style. I can’t comment upon Gorillaz as I’ve never been a huge fan. “In The Future” would almost hint at a futuristic sound while “No Power” is anything but! However, when they slow things down on songs like “Algorythm” for instance, the vocals are so much clearer and (to me) the songs that much more enjoyable. “Be Alright” is a softer, feelgood song and a set highlight. They end with “Fire in My Mind” and although this is not a genre I’m familiar with, they are clearly doing something right judging by the reaction. Long loud applause greets their exit and with no encore, that is that.

Set Lists
Jimmy B and the Death Rattles:
On My TV
The Returned
We Are Fire
Soul Savers

Youth Of The Apocalypse
Something’s Gotta Give
In The Future
No Power
Be Alright
Fire in My Mind





Review by Ross A. Ferrone
Pictures by Robert Whetton

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