Three Fingers

Poole based Blues/Punk band Three Fingers have unleashed upon us their debut LP, featuring 10 tracks of varying styles and influences and we at RR have the pleasure of reviewing this offering. Here goes then!

The LP opens with “Your Love”, the raspy bass and chunky guitars begin in the RnR arena with a slightly (or deliberately) laid back style. The twisted chords are clever, complimenting an (at times) awkward vocal style. The bridge is noodly while the lyrics are clearly personal, but it’s a good start. “Ugly Girl” follows with its noodly R ‘n R intro before the humorous lyrics take centre stage – (I just don’t know how they keep a straight face)! There’s clearly a certain person in mind lyrically but it’s humorous from start to finish.

“The Cutback” has a chunky intro, then some “hey’s” before the almost spoken word/rappy verbal assault. It’s their take on cutbacks/policies/politics etc. The raspy bass matches the rat-a-tat beat, allied to a passionate vocal before those hey’s return to its conclusion. “Pretty Little Grin” has a chunky guitar intro giving way to a clear audible vocal that owes more than a passing resemblance to Stray Cats “Stray Cat Strut”. There’s a clear message in the lyrics which isn’t hard to work out.

“Pissed Again” is a fast-paced Punky little number that begins with honesty in the lyrics, remaining until the chorus where it just explodes. Ferocious hitting, strained chords and a heavy bass all jockey for space. It’s a fast number with an altogether familiar story. The ending is as abrupt as I expected. “Open Your Eyes” has a crunchy bass intro and is slower than previous songs here; again another spoken word, in yer face vocal assault. More digs at “the system” and a clear message within. Delivered with anger and spite and a snarling chorus, and all about the message – eloquent and honest. The music meanwhile is dark, as is the sentiment.

Three Fingers

“Hey Girl” returns to the pace with hints of Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) in the vocal delivery which I feel really tests Dan’s vocal. There are noodly notes in the background and a fast beat to match. Humour again takes over lyrically but they get away with it! ‘Give Me a Reason’ has a vocal not unlike Malcolm Owen (The Ruts) and yet more tongue in cheek humour, notably in the chorus. Simple drums and (dare I suggest) a Mod Revival feel to the song (chorus aside).

“The Last Time” has a chunky bass-led intro with (musically) hints of The Fall. The “woah’s” however remind me of The Clash in their heyday, but one could sight many an influence here. “Be Your Friend” ends the album almost as it started with a Dirty RnR sound and yet more fast-paced drums. Snarly gravelly vocals and a blunt, honest chorus. Short and sweet and the perfect finale.

Having seen the band live a couple of times it would be easy to say they are just three guys on stage, having a laugh while banging out a few numbers. However; on this evidence, they have foundations to build on. Clearly they can play, write a song and hold a tune. It’s just up to them if they remain a ‘local’ band on the circuit or are prepared to put the miles in and take this to the next level. We shall see…

Band members
Dan Kennedy – Guitar and Vocals
Sam Taylor – Bass and Vocals
Ryan Ashcroft – Drums

Your Love
Ugly Girl
The Cutback
Pretty Little Grin
Pissed Again
Open Your Eyes
Hey Girl
Give Me A Reason
The Last Time
Be Your Friend


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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