Krista Green & the Bees

Bournemouth singer/songwriter Krista Green and her band “The Bees” have just released a brand new EP called “Another Day in The Sun”. The five-track EP embraces Krista’s positively uplifting outlook on life and shows off her abilities as a great musician and creative songwriter. Krista’s band comprises of the rhythm section of top tribute band “Altered Bridge” (Tribute to Alter Bridge) Kris Venzi-James on bass and Justin Young on drums, along with Bournemouth’s rainbow troubadour Jonny Phillips on guitar/vocals.

The EP kicks off with the thoroughly addictive “One More Time”, a tune that is spreading a positive message to be proud to be yourself and not to worry about other peopleís opinions. The song is accompanied by a great effective video; (which can be seen below) that was shot simply on an i-phone with caricatures of the band in the form of busy bees, buzzing around looking for a partner for the Queen B and of course there is a happy ending. The song has an uncanny resemblance to Mcfly’s “Five Colours in Her Hair” with its catchy continuous rhythms and flowing guitar riffs.

Krista Green & the Bees

“Beth’s song” is an unapologetic dedication of love to Kristaís partner Beth. The tune is a sultry, bluesy journey of serenading compliments and this continues into the cheeky ‘Take Off All Your Clothes’; which moves back to a more upbeat style with simple rhythms, coupled with lovely harmonies and sweet rolling guitar melodies. It’s an “up on the rooftops” type feeling, shouting that you are so happy to have found the right one. “Easier Than This” starts with simplistic drum beats and delicate guitar melodies, with a great catchy chorus where Krista’s husky vocals continue to deliver.

The final track “Nothing Better Than Us” is another ode to “Beth” and if you’re happy to share in the celebration of love then you will enjoy this – if you just ended a relationship then this is definitely not the EP for you. There are plenty of positives and itís clear that Kristaís is the happiest she has ever been and musically itís a fairly safe set of recordings. I would like to see in future Krista challenge herself further with different styles and more testing songwriting that her ability is more than capable of coping with.

Track Listing
One More Time
Beth’s Song
Take Off All Your Clothes
Easier than This
Nothing Better Than Us


Krista Green and the Bees are
Krista Green – Guitar/Vocals
Jonny Phillips – Guitars/Vocals
Kris Venzi-James – Bass
Justin Young – Drums


Words By David Chinery.

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