When We Were Wolves

Ladies and gents! Let me proudly present you freshly released not so long ago (only in September) “Heartless” EP by Welsh five piece post-hardcore band “ When We Were Wolves”. There are a few post-hardcore bands out there. This musical style seems to be a growing trend. But with so many artists to choose from how would you know who are worth listening to? Well, in my humble opinion these guys are.

The EP is pierced through with powerful tracks, not surprisingly 4 of which are marked as explicit with 5 tracks in total. If you are not used to this type of music, you might not notice explicit content. But even the lovers of lighter styles will have plenty to enjoy here: screamo parts are interlaced with almost angelic emotional clean vocals, rough base taken over by melodic guitar. It’s like a perfect orchestra, where every instrument plays it’s part, and however different it all comes together beautifully.

When We Were Wolves

It opens with a fierce and energetic “Dying on the in inside” – perfect mosh tune. If you are up for a bit of action on a gig, this track will definitely will get you going.

One more track that stood out for me is “Blind” which starts with the echoing sounds and grows into an avalanche of noise, distantly reminding me of some weird fusion between “Korn” and “Slipknot”(that’s like a dream band you are talking about in there).

After such a few tracks you get kind of used to the whole sanding down sound and tempo. However you are in for a surprise. Here comes a slightly gentler, almost moving “Heartless”. Mr Brooks’ vocal abilities were definitely tested in the last track of the album and he stood the test all the way.

The band formed in 2011 but has already established themselves on the local metal scene and now is on the way to taking over the whole of the UK. Anyone who have seen “When We Were Wolves” live would agree that they are relentless and high-powered performers. Why not see for yourself and check out “When we were wolves” supporting “The Blackout” and “Yashin” this November.

Line Up
Mitch Bock – Vocals
Steve French – Guitars
Rhod Evans – Guitars
Matthew Shaw – Bass
Josh Baker – Drums

Track Listing
Dying On The Inside
The Devil You Know


Words by Veronica Kavaliova
Photo by Marianne Harris

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