60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth

bird Shoes

As summer nears its end, Thursday’s at Postcards start to take shape as our student population start to flood back into town. Tonight is a Post/Punk, Indie doubleheader. With the recent local showcase put together by “Mundane Days” still fresh in the memory, two bands from that line-up share tonight’s stage. Openers Set In Stone have pulled in a sizeable crowd for a school night as they ply us with their Baggy/Indie leanings right from the off. They open with “Here, Now and Then”, a trippy hypnotic number that seems to last forever – one can imagine them just jamming this in the studio to see how long they can make it last! In fact; despite there only being five songs on their setlist, they certainly flesh them out. And that is by no means a criticism, far from it.This quartet has massively improved these last few months, notably in their stage presence where tonight they seem more confident and assured.

Next up is “Shadows” and it’s more of the same. Take your pick from any Indie band (circa ’89-93) and you will find an influence here. “Nothing Lasts Forever” sees their confidence grow even more, as does their audience with one or two punters finding their feet. Although “The Otherside” is scribbled out on their setlist, they play it anyway. With the soundman attending to the early reverb the less heavy bass here allows the song to really shine. Jamie (guitar/vox) vocal is at times harsh and a little strained, but it kind of fits with the heartfelt honesty pulsing through the lyrics. Sid (bass) is confidence personified, nonchalantly smiling throughout. Leon (lead guitar) is chief shapeshifter while Charlie (drums) keeps the beat. Dare I say it I detect subtle notes of Shoegaze here and there. They end on a high with “Follows” and take the plaudits, not before announcing they are playing in Liverpool the following night – one punter exclaims ‘what a shithole’!! They announce the gig has come about by winning a competition and the look on Leon’s face is one of triumph. Let’s hope they make a few more fans “Up North”.

Set In Stone
Set In Stone 1234

As, Set in Stone leave the stage, so do 95% of the punters. Luckily they return for the headliners. Having championed Bird Shoes for a year or two I did wonder when a headline show was going to come around? Well tonight is the night. This Post/Punk pairing having been ripping up stages on the local scene for a little while now, and the work they have put in has paid dividends with them recently being signed by Killing Moon. They open with an oldie “Rude Boiz” and follow that with “Ha Ha”. Robin and James have dispensed with the suits this evening, in favour of a more stripped back attire. One thing hasn’t changed tho’ and that’s Robin’s energy levels – he cavorts around this small stage, looking for any opportunity to go climbing!

Bird Shoes
Bird Shoes 12

Tonight they preview two newbie’s, first up is “Road Hog”. Lyrically it tells its own story and keeps with the “Shoes” template – not so much Post-Punk, more New-Punk. “Door” is as punchy and direct as ever while “Sod’s Law” also doesn’t disappoint. One cannot keep their eyes off these guys – Robin soaks up every inch of this tiny stage while James effortlessly keeps the beat. “Getting On” precedes the other new cut “American Dream”, which is nothing short of brilliant. It’s at this point that Robin sees a climbing opportunity as he scales a stack of speakers, before indulging in some mid-air swimming motion. “Nightmare” precedes recent single ‘Coven’ which is ace and once again they unleash on us that “cheeky little cover”. “All Day, and All of the Night” (The Kinks) seems to really suit their sound, as they slightly contort it mid-song. They briefly depart the stage, more for a breather than anything. They then return and take all the plaudits amid loud applause and depart us on the live favourite and set closer “Lads”. Again Robin goes a climbing and they exit stage left amid a wall of feedback that is not unlike the ëJesus and the Marychainí in their heyday.

Set in Stone
Here, Now and Then
Nothing Lasts Forever
The Otherside

Bird Shoes
Rude Boiz
Ha Ha
Road Hog
Sods Law
Getting On
American Dream
All Day, and All of the Night (Kinks cover)





Words, Pictures and Videos by Ross A. Ferrone.