Kimari Raven

Bournemouth Unplugged 2016 winner Kimari Raven is a singer/songwriter from Bournemouth, who after 10 years of promising is finally to releasing her debut EP in September. The EP is entitled “Girl From The Stars” and was put together with the help of local music producer Scott Farren (Farren Music), who gave her the confidence to finally record some of her best personal creations. As well as her solo work, Kimari is the lead singer for eight-piece Bournemouth world music collective ‘The Bomo Swing’; a band that is kept busy throughout the Summer with a whole host of music festivals. As if that wasnít enough she is also the presenter of Hope FMís local music show Live Wire Live, broadcasting each Wednesday evening between 7pm – 8:45pm. I think this sort of gives you the idea about how busy this very active lady is and why it has taken so long to get this EP recorded. The Ep’s excellent artwork was created by Olivia Mitchell, who the daughter of Kimari’s radio Co-Presenter/Comedian Gary Mitchell.

The EP is a 4 track affair and kicks off with the highly infectious “Connected” which Kimari describes as about “Love, space, the universe and everything in between. Through endings, beginnings and the force of new life comes this song about how love is the very essence of the stars themselves”. Possibly her most psychedelic song, it is inspired by her late Father and positively celebrates his existence and all he had to give. The tune has some tribal beats; coupled with some delicate rhythms which creates a wonderful background for the uncomplicated guitar work, with her uplifting voice and Scottís expert mixing bringing this all together to create a great opening number.

Kimari Raven

Life has not always been a bed of roses for this young lady who has suffered plenty of various off-course excursions during her life. In this case you cannot keep a good girl down as Kimari has the inner strength to regenerate herself. Wearing her fragile heart on her sleeve “She’s OK” details the pain that she has dealt with and how in a positive way has put it behind her. It’s a simple song and acts as therapy for troubled times with a way of getting the negatives off her chest. The songwriter explains “Love hurts and sometimes a person can have their heart broken whilst being in a relationship, as well as having to pick up the pieces and work through the pain when it is finally over”. This was written during a dark time but also has a massive theme of hope and deliverance in it. In the end she really was OK. The lyrics are powerful and can easily motivate others to act in a similar way if things are not right. At only 1 minute, 36 seconds it’s straight and to the point and does exactly what it needs to do.

“Because Of You” is the moving on song and is about celebrating that someone special. Here the vocals really uplift and at times sound a little like Karen Carpenter’s passionate delivery. Once again the simple beats and rhythms give the song its pace while the singer is totally at the centre of it all and explains, “New love is an addictive force that breathes life and sunlight back into your life – if you can hold onto it. This song is about the leap of faith everyone takes in a new relationship and the euphoria you feel when you can’t quite believe life got this sunny again”.

“Lost In Your Love” is a song I first heard when it was performed live about 10 years ago, it was performed with just a simple acoustic-only set-up. The song has almost been reinvented here and Scott Farren’s vision for it has brought out so much with its bouncy reggae-style beat. The tune once heard is a real uplifter and as Kimari explains “I wanted to end the EP on a super happy, super loving note. This song is about being refreshed and rejuvenated by new life. My niece and nephew came along at a time when I most needed healing and they did it without even knowing. This song is for anyone with someone in their life that pulled them through a dark time. Playing this song live is like experiencing Summer all year round for me”.

Kimari Raven

This EP shows just some of the potential that this inspiring singer/songwriter possesses and it is great for her to finally have something tangible now on record. From what I hear there are also plenty more songs which have already been written for a possible future album, letís hope we don’t have to wait until 2030 for its release.

She’s Ok
Because of You
Lost in Your Love

Lyrics, Vocals and Guitar: Kimari Raven
Recording, production, mixing and mastering: Scott Farron
Promo and cover images design: Olivia Mitchell




Words, Pictures, & Video by David Chinery (Chinners).

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