Emanating from London come the Alt/Rock band Neverlanded, with their terrific new single “Refuge”. For fans of first wave Grunge this Alt/Rock trio have made quite a statement with this release. The brief Doom-laden intro makes way for a Cobain-inspired vocal and the downturned vibe screams one of despair. The chunky guitar sound sits comfortably alongside the strained yet coherent vocal. The slow/harsh formula works perfectly amid the catchy chorus and some truly raucous picking. Just when you think the song is coming to an abrupt end the downturn in the middle holds your interest, setting us up for a hard and harsh finale.

This whole Post/Grunge sound is nothing new, yet for fans of the first wave, this is a reminder of how great this genre was. Every now and then a band comes along, picks up the baton and runs with it. I hope we don’t have a one-trick pony here and there is more to come, because on this evidence the scene is in good hands. We will see…


Band members
Jaca Freer – Drums/Vocals
Niki Jester – Bass/Vocals
Pete Bloom – Guitar/Vocals


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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