Simon Lane

Formerly from the South of England, Simon Lane has left the Sunshine Dorset Coast for life in the South-West of France, where he has taken his musical talents with him and become active in the local music scene. He sings and plays in a number of bands covering a wide range of musical styles ranging from his self-penned singer/songwriter material, through 50’s Rock n’ Roll and funky Rhythm and Blues, to Indie Power/Pop. His musical interests started when he began playing the drums at 14, followed by taking up the guitar at 16. At that time his musical influences included Punk, Ska and Reggae; together with the more middle-of-the-road choices influenced by other members of his family.

Simon is passionate about creating his own music and has put together a band featuring his brother Peter on bass, with a hand-picked team of musicians local to him. These include Ian Davies on drums, Stephane Herbert on electric guitar; along with Martin Lascelles who produced the album and also played the piano/keyboard parts, breathing life into the 12 tracks. It was all put together during a hectic ten days at Martin’s ‘Sky Studio 24’ in Monbazillac, near Bergerac in the South of France. They were also assisted by studio technician Anthony Giorgi who became a dab hand at making an essential cup of English tea, which is the perfect fuel for getting the best out of an Englishman abroad! The album was generously funded via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, where Simon was able to raise an amazing 4,693 euros from 72 backers to fund the recording. The album (fingers crossed) will help Simon’s long-term ambition; which is to create original music and realise his dream of being an independent songwriter.

The twelve-track album is called “Just You And Me And The Stars” and features a host of different influences that Simon has brought into the music from his many years of experience performing. It is a collection of all original songs written over a number of years; inspired by life, love, and the human condition. It all starts with a tune called ‘Giving Up’, which has a lovely piano intro before the infectious rhythms and guitars start just before Simon’s considerable vocals bring this positive uplifter to life. ‘All That I’m looking Forí has a bit of an eighties feel with its very radio-friendly feel. It reminds me of the pace of Wang Chung’s “Dance Hall Days” (for some strange reason). “Sitting” (which has a nicely played intricate piano intro) and “I will Be Here” both show Simon’s skill in songwriting, two great songs that would not be out of place on an Elton John album.

“Things Still Left To Find” shows a gentler more romantic side with some clever lyrical crooning, “it’s been a long day and I’m tired, but I never feel more inspired, than when I’m with you”. It’s one of those tunes that if you have someone special; when you hear it, you think of them and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. ‘Let’s Get Away’ keeps the pace on the slower side combining electric guitar and some gentle piano to great effect, before a fantastic middle eight gives the tune some real depth. ‘Sundown’ is an end of the day dedication, an inspirational tune that celebrates the joy of looking forward to spending the evening with your one and only. “All She Wants” is another well-written tune that has deep meaningful lyrics that people will easily be able to relate to. “Midnight” has an altogether completely different feel to it, with its acoustic-led and Simon’s smouldering vocal delivery. “The Ticket” uses plenty of clever analogies to look back and forward at life in general, appreciating all that you have and looking forward to what is to come.

Simon Lane

‘My Life’ brings some danceable rhythms to the penultimate track; an infectious burst of electric guitar and keys, and a tune of uplifting celebration. The final tune is the title track of the album ‘Just You and Me and the Stars’, another romantic ballad that would be the perfect soundtrack to a cosy Valentine’s Day meal for two. There ends 12 tracks that have been brought together by a musician who clearly has a talent for songwriting and music creation. Simon has brought together a collection of personal songs that have all been written from the heart and put together with a passion. A tangible verification of what can be done when you put your mind to it. All the 72 backers should be extremely pleased with what they have invested their money in and here Simon and his team have definitely done them proud.

Simon Lane – Vocals & Guitar
Peter Lane – Bass
Stephane Herbert – Guitar
Ian Davies – Drums
Martin Lascelles – Keyboards and Programming

Track- Listing
Giving Up
All That I’m Looking For
I Will Be Here
Things Still Left To Find
Let’s Get Away
All That She Wants
The Ticket
My Life
Just You and Me and the Stars


Words By David Chinery (Chinners).

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