Live & Unheard, Lighthouse, Poole

Krista Green

Tonight is the penultimate Live & Unheard event of 2019, it’s an event that has thankfully become an established and well supported monthly showcase for the local music scene here in Dorset. Our host Matt Black and his dedicated team from Hangover Hill Recording Studios has once again laid on a triple bill which is certain to engage and entertain.

The first of these is Liam Wakefield, who previously fronted Rock bands Black Arrows and Trilogy before he joined the British Army; honourably serving his country for over 8 years. Sadly though a debilitating and life-changing optical condition put an abrupt end to his military career. During his time in the army serving on the front line in war zones like Afghanistan, music had always been at the back of his mind and Liam often picked up his guitar as a welcome distraction. In July of this year, he released his debut single and is now starting to build a professional career for himself in the music business. A virtual unknown in this area, Liam takes to the stage and bravely opens with a brand new tune he has only just written. Immediately the audience warm to him and his super soft vocal tones. Swapping from an electric to acoustic guitar he shows us some lightly picked fretwork, coupled with some wholesome honest songwriting with tunes including “Love Build This Home” and a heartfelt song about his Nan called “Johanne”. Liam says that he is really appreciative of tonight’s attentive audience and venue as most of his gigs are in pubs where his tunes can barely be heard above the noisy chatter. In these acoustic surroundings, his voice shows itself to have a considerable range and after his short time on stage, you know you have witnessed something very special indeed.

Liam Wakefield
Liam Wakefield 123

This event has very few rules about genre and style of music and fair play to Matt for giving different left of centre artists the chance to perform. Violet is one such band who perform with a fairly unconventional style, with no compromises to their visions. Tonight they are a two-piece with Finley Burch on drums along with Summer Begley on guitar and vocals. Their style has deep roots in the 90’s Grunge scene with elements of Punk and Riot Grrrl. Is it experimental or just pure self-indulgence, it’s difficult to tell; what it is though is raw and unforgiving. Summer’s fuzzed-up sound from her olive green fender Jaguar, combined with Fin’s dark hypnotic rhythms seem to uplift some and ostracize other audience members. The lyrics to songs like “I Don’t Seem To Care” and “Smoking Kills” have a satirical nature with Summer delivering them with her mouth-curving and an ironic smile. The marmite analogy is quite possibly the best way to describe what we have here. As they finish their last number they are given a fairly positive reception from the crowd, who seem to mostly appreciate the duo’s musical persuasion.

Violet 123456

Tonight’s headliners are Krista Green And The Bees, a quartet of quality musicians who have played together for quite a while and certainly know how to entertain a crowd. After professionally preparing with a fun-filled rehearsal at Absolute Music the band arrive to a fantastic welcome from a big collection of family, friends and fans. With Krista on guitar/vocals she is accompanied by Jonny Philips (backing vocals/Electric guitar), Kris Venzi-James on bass and Justin Young on drums. Krista is a young lady who wears her heart on her sleeve writing passionate uplifting lyrics about the positive things in her life. Her enthusiasm radiates through her music and it’s hard not to get carried along with her beautiful positivity. The songs are infectious, well put together and in these intimate surroundings work really well. From the doting nature of “Barry’s Song”; a tune about a homeless friend who died alone, to “Beth’s Song”; a dedication to the love of her life. The band’s chemistry and rehearsals clearly paid dividends with them combining acoustic/electric guitars with toe-tapping rhythms, with the audience clearly loving everything that they have to offer. They leave the stage after a strong 13 song set to loads of positive noise from this well-entertained crowd.

Krista Green
Krista Green 12345678

Krista Green And The Bees
All I Ask
Take of All Your Elements
Nothin’ Better
Barry’s Song
Beth’s Song
Letting Go
Chasing Miracles
Summertime Love
Give Up The Fight
One More Time
Cutting Ties and Moving On

The Rain
Leave It
I Don’t Seem To Care
Smoking Kills
Counting the Years

Liam Wakefield
Love Built This Home
Leave Me Something
Las Americas
Trust Your Heart
It’s Only Love






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Next months Live & Unheard is on the 4th December featuring Lo-Fi Rebels, The Emma Hardy Band and Savage Underdogs. Purchase your tickets here

Words, Pictures & Video by David Chinery (Chinners).

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