State Of Undress

South Coast musical family the Rose’s have been making good use of the Covid-19 lockdown time. Charlie and Alan are members of Folk band State of Undress and their son Josh is the drummer with the mighty Saints Of Sin. They collectively have recorded the appropriately titled single called “Strange Times”, which was inspired by the currently unprecedented times that we are living in. Charlie and Alan wrote the lyrics; sang and added acoustic guitar, while Josh added some percussion and Cajón to give the song its structure.

State Of Undress

The song tells of their experiences in lockdown; noticing things that during our busy lives previously we hardly stopped to notice, like the birdsong in the mornings and the stars in the sky at night. The song will mark a memory at this point in time that details the negatives and the positives during our enforced incarceration. When it’s all over we can look back on and reflect how things changed for all of us. The artwork for the single is a beautiful image of a bumblebee on a flower and is used by kind permission of brilliant locally-based photographer Steve Hogan. The song can be heard on the band’s Soundcloud page below and will be available to stream on Spotify shortly.

Charlie Rose – Vocals
Alan Rose – Guitar Vocals
Josh Rose- Cajón/Percussion


Words by David Chinery.

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