Kid Klumsy

Since his departure from Dirt Box Disco, David “Weab” Grant and his noisy quintet Kid Klumsy have been rather prolific in their output. No sooner had the last notes of “Singing Our Souls” hit the record shops, they were already compiling mini album no. 3. The Faces Don’t Fit isn’t so much a return to form, more a continuation of their greatness. The album opens with their now-familiar humour – give it up for “Boobs”. A bassy intro makes way for clanging guitars, some intricate noodling and fierce snare power. Weab’s gentle vocal then makes its entrance. Lyrically as puerile as we’ve come to expect from these Coalville funsters, but one can’t help singing along to the cheerfully infectious chorus. “Sorry Miss I must apologise, for the direction of my wandering eyes…” (and so on). It’s hard-edged Pop/Punk with a bass-heavy “Fun/Punk” edge.

Recent single “Don’t Count On Me” begins with a layered string-plucking intro and a slightly different musical direction, before exploding into life. While the bass throbs in the background there’s a Ska-infused guitar beat running throughout. Heavy noodling in the bridge fights for attention above the powerhouse hitting. Punk Rock ballads are a rarity these days but this comes mightily close, notably towards its conclusion.

On “Little Boy Thursday” the acapella intro paves the way for a heavy-hitting Punker of a track that has echoes of early material. It’s a song that celebrates youth and wild abandon. Definitely one for the live arena with its infectious chorus that will be pummelled into your senses from the outset.

“Lost Art (of not being a Twat)” briefly noodles its way in before a snare-heavy section awaits a lower tempo vocal. That vocal elevates itself, allied to the guitar chords and there’s a somewhat dark overtone lyrically – a life lesson maybe? The mid-section dare I suggest is choir-like before the noodling guitars carry the song to its conclusion.

Kid Klumsy

“Soup” explodes into life from the outset – ferocious hitting, huge chords and subtle basslines. It’s fast, it’s furious with a slight ‘Metal’ underbelly. With five original compositions, they could’ve just stopped there and released a five-song EP; but no, these guys have obviously been toying in the studio and present us two covers.

A more melodic style is demonstrated with this wonderful take on the famous classic by The Housemartins “Caravan Of Love”. In fact this speeded up version works well for me. The snare-heavy hitting, bass clicks and wholesome guitar lines elevate it; while the vocal echo towards the end is a clever touch.

Kid Klumsy

“Yesterday’s Not Here”, originally written by the late Pete Shelley is much heavier by comparison. Getting Murderers Row’s Rachel Reeves to take vocal duties proves to be a masterstroke, she gives it some much-missed Riot Grrrl swagger before the song fades to its conclusion – a’la the original.

Kid Klumsy have used their Lockdown time well if this is the fruit of their labours. No one song sounds the same and they continue to push the envelope. If you like your Pop/Punk served with a generous helping of Punk, Metal, humour & unadulterated fun then look no further than this latest offering. And at the rate these guys work expect a Xmas single entry before the year is out!

Track Listing
Don’t Count On Me
Little Boy Thursday
The Lost Art
Caravan of Love (The Housemartins)
Yesterdays Not Here featuring Rachel Reeves (Pete Shelly)

Band Members
WEAB – Vocals
ALISTAIR – Bass + Backing Vocals.
CARL – Guitar + Backing Vocals.
MATT – Guitar + Backing Vocals.
JAMIE – Drums.


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

Kid Klumsy