‘New’ Punk quartet Queensway follow up the brilliant ‘Charity Shop Rock’ with the equally brilliant “Nightlife”, which herald their first foray into the world of the music video. It largely centres on Bennie and Lucas drunkenly crawling across London, hoping to meet up and catch the last train home.

It opens like (early} Arctic Monkeys, but the similarities end there. It ferociously explodes into life, with added loops and quirks throughout. The strained guitars perfectly meld the dual vocals which have hints of Jamie T/The Rakes, before the Punky chorus and anthemic “Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi’s” give it that drunken feel of a lads night out/weekend pub crawl.

What makes a great Punk band to me is youthful energy, a DIY ethic and above all a clutch of decent songs. Oh; and a modicum of talent, which these guys have. Even the video must’ve been made on a budget. Covid-19 and the upcoming recession seems to have simply fired the enthusiasm of this Essex quartet – I just hope there’s an album’s worth of material set for future release. But for now, I will make the brave statement that this could be the most exciting new band in Britain for many a year.


Vocals/Rhythm guitar – Bennie
Guitar- Cherry
Bass- Tom
Drums- Teddy


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.