October Drift

Following the success of their impressive debut album Forever Whatever, October Drift return with a new acoustic Ep titled “Naked” which is released by Physical Education Recordings on 6th November. The EP is designed to show a different side of the band’s talents; stripping back their immersive walls of distorted guitars and powerful instrumentation, which has been synonymous with the band since the formation. The four tracks highlight the insightful lyricism and evocative vocals that can sometimes get overlooked during their intensive performances. The band have already thrilled audiences at festivals including Glastonbury’s John Peel Stage, Reading & Leeds, Liverpool’s Sound City and The Great Escape; as well as on a major European tour with Editors.

October Drift

The opening song of the collection is the first of two tracks from the ‘Forever Whatever’ album. The track called “Naked” combines acoustic guitar, strings and piano to create a really intimate tune; where Kiran’s voice is allowed to truly shine. It’s a fitting reminder of some of the most memorable moments of the band’s recent live shows, where Kiran sings from the centre of the audience totally unaided by any amplification. Next is live favourite ‘Cinnamon Girl’ and the band have stripped things back, removing the wall of effect-fed guitar noise. Like ‘Naked’ the song features some beautiful emotive strings and some delicate acoustic guitar work, coupled with meticulous harmonies. It makes you hopeful that one day the band could actually play an acoustic gig, it really helps you to get much deeper into the lyrics of these creative tunes. “Still” shows the band laid bare with minimal instrumentation; along with some understated strings and guitar work, where you can even hear the finger changes along the fret.

The final song of this collection is a new track called ‘Like Snow We Fall’, a number that once again displays Kiran’s strong distinctive vocals; that delves into the world of seeking fulfilment in material things we are persuaded to purchase from social pressure and media influences. Kiran explains that “it’s about trying to control our hopes, fears and expectations and accepting things as they are,”. “We’re often sold that A+B=C. You do some course and then you’ll automatically have this great job at the end, or that you spend money on a new product and it’ll make you happier and healthier, but the world doesn’t always work like that. This song is about doing your own thing and trying to realize self-worth, even if it doesn’t fit the mould. It’s not always the easiest thing to do.” The tune is made powerful from its deep’ thought-provoking lyrics and dark moody instrumentation that flows beautifully throughout end this short but insightful look into October Drift’s ever-evolving talents.

Track Listing
Cinnamon Girl
Like Snow We Fall

October Drift Are
Kiran Roy (Vocals/Guitar)
Chris Holmes (Drums)
Alex Bipsham (Bass)
Daniel Young (Guitar)


Words by David Cinery (Chinners)
Photograph by Ania Shrimpton.

October Drift

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