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Dead Dirty Dinosaurs

Holding Back is the latest single from Brisbane’s Dead Dirty Dinosaurs and the fourth release with burgeoning punk label Riot Records and their parent company Golden Robot Records and will be released on 16th February. Holding Back is the follow up to recent singles Bad Timing, Monica and Revenge.

“Life is like a licence, to do what you please” descants Julian the DDD’s singer over the ringing out of the first bluesy riff, “There’s no time for silence, I’m already on my knees……HEY!” And it’s on, into a rhythmic chugging that’s hard not to get lost into.

“Everyone’s got something holding them back, and when I was writing the lyrics to this, I was thinking a lot about the balance that we’re always struggling with, of when to go all in and when to hold back, and what some people will do to tip you over the edge”.

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs

Ed the bass player jokes “This song barely gets played the same twice, there is no Holding Back”. While Glen the DDD’s drummer extols the joy of the chaos that Holding Back finishes in “I love playing this song. Who doesn’t enjoy a thunderous climax?’’ and climax it does. The DDD’s latest release will leave you tired and sweaty and ready for more.

There’s a whisper around that we can expect something longer than a single release from the Dead Dirty Dinosaurs soon so keep your ears to the ground and everything crossed.

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs are Brisbane icons in the making. Following a long tradition of powerful music coming out of South East QLD these cantankerous troubadours have been pouring blood, sweat and tears into their music and the result will leave you smiling.

Tackling today’s endless stream of daily calamities and staying positive through it all the DDD’s songs of love, life, dubiously deadly careers and a sly look at our wild surroundings all throb with the “night out” energy that we’re all craving right now.

Three Jurassic music lovers who met in the snowfields of Europe but ended up brought together here by a force that can’t be ignored.

A love of 90’s alt-rock, punk, post-punk and post-rock combined with a need to make a mark on a new era in their lives set them on a path with one goal, to snag the support slot for the Pixies in Brisbane.

The pandemic has put that dream off for the moment but signing to Golden Robot and Riot Records combined has started a whole new path and who knows where that’s going to lead us all.


Dead Dirty Dinosaurs

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