Unknown Refuge

Bolton based teenage Rock/Metal act Unknown Refuge are set to self-release their much-anticipated debut album “From The Darkness” on 26th March 2021. The 10 track album has been four years in the making showing the progression, influences and journey of this four-piece band over the last four years; since forming at the ages of 14/15. As young people living in Bolton during a worldwide pandemic, “From The Darkness” tells the evolution of a songwriter’s life growing up as a teenager; the personal interests during those years, as well as capturing some of the struggles faced while growing up in the digital age of expression.

Unknown Refuge

Opening with a sinister piano intro the title track slowly builds until the guitars, bass and drums beautifully light up and give you the first taste of where these guys are coming from. There is a whole web of Metal/Rock influences that they use to carve out their own sound, from the off it is primarily a guitar album with lots of twin guitars blending harmoniously together. This continues on track two “To The Light” where the four guys show a chemistry ahead of their years with some truly awe-inspiring guitar work, that would put some of the more experienced guitarists to shame. Their high momentum continues with “Kicked To The Floor”; a fist-pumping track if ever I heard one, with powerful rhythms and soaring vocals. I can just imagine the four guys on the main stage of the Download Festival, with a sea of Metal Heads arms aloft.

While other teens of their age are shooting Zombies in ‘Call of Duty’ or creating dances on “Tik Tock” these chaps are using their time wisely by researching Greek mythology and historic wars, so they can incorporate the interesting material into their songs. “Battle Hymn” is one such song which with the history incorporates it with present-day struggles, the band create a super-powerful anthem. “Shadows” opens with a unique sounding intro before Jack and Harry duel together like Kennedy & Tremonti, creating a heavy melodic sound that clearly shows these guys have a massive abundance of creativity.

The great songs keep coming and it’s clear that there is certainly no filler on here, the bands quality control is certainly top-notch. “Palace Walls” is another beast of a track with the guys once again digging into their souls to give an incredible studio performance. “Wall Of Lies” is somewhat of a standalone track; less heavy with some vocal harmonies that makes it much more radio-friendly, possibly a calculated move to get some daytime airplay on the Rock radio stations. The heart-pounding melodic heaviness returns: “If The Gods Be Good” and escalates even heavier “I’m Not A Bad Guy” with some subtle Metallica similarities, not forgetting the machine gun guitars and pulsating drum solo. The whole album is wrapped up with the final track “Journey” and what a pleasurable journey it has been listening to these ten well-crafted tracks, from four guys who could well be the future of hard rock and heavy metal. Alex, Morgan, Jack and Harry have created a stunning debut album that fully defies their youth and experience.

Track Listing
From The Darkness
To The Light
Kicked To The Floor
Battle Hymn
Palace Walls
Wall Of Lies
If The Gods Be Good
I’m Not A Bad Guy

Pre-order “From The Darkness” here.

Unknown Refuge are
Alex Mancini – Vocal & Bass
Jack Tracey – Lead Guitar
Harry Skinner – Rhythm Guitar
Morgan Deveney – Drums


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

Unknown Refuge

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