Hailing from that outward backpost of Punk that is Norfolk UK come Das Kapitans, with their latest angry lament ‘Kicking Off’ – which it quite literally does! The video might suggest this to be a Horror/Punk song but it is steeped in the angriest of Hardcore Punk. Fierce, angry vocals are bellowed virtually from the start and throughout; over a heavy melee of distorted chords, scratchy basslines and ferocious hitting. And if that alone hasn’t pummelled your senses then the accompanying video should be enough to have one’s mind a wandering. It’s odd in the extreme as we take a wander through a derelict building in the company of a lost child; some hooded characters appear briefly, before a couple of motorcross riders take a spin through the forest. It’s weird alright, dark even!! Anyway, if you like your Punk distorted and Hardcore then Das Kapitans just might be for you. At well under two minutes it has that short, sharp shock effect that leaves one gagging for more (or not)!

Das Kapitans

Kicking Off is taken from their 8th album release this year, affectionately titled ‘Man on Fire’ and is an album teaser/new single featuring Aidan from ‘Novastatus’.


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

Das Kapitans

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