The new version of ‘Full Nelson’ removes the songs “Ratio” and “Tokyo”, and replaces them with two previously unheard songs, “Death or Glory” and “Scorpion”. “Ratio” and “Tokyo” were originally included on MASSIVE WAGONS’ 2015 album ‘Welcome to the World’ and were added to 2018’s ‘Full Nelson’ as extra tracks to help bring the classic tunes to a wider audience, following the band’s signing to British independent label Earache Records. With the license for these tracks now expiring, all future pressings of the album will have the songs replaced with “Death or Glory” and “Scorpion”, two songs recorded during the ‘Full Nelson’ sessions and previously unheard.

Massive Wagons

Frontman Baz Mills explains “when we wrote all the tracks for Full Nelson, as we got toward the end of the writing process we listened to what we had and just tried to sound out where the album needed to go. We felt it needed a bit of bite, something a little meaner maybe. The track ‘Robot’ kind of stood out on its own and we felt it needed a partner-in-crime if you like; to help make sense of its place on the album, so we wrote both Scorpion and Death Or Glory. Scorpion is a short, catchy, solid, riff-driven track; sounds a little like an army on the march. We only ever played it once live, but it was a real stomper and went down well. As for Death Or Glory, well that was the first song we wrote for Earache. I remember thinking I need to up my game here – we all do. It came out absolutely killer and was probably our favourite track at the time. It’s got a real epic feel about it and it just soars in places. We are so happy these songs will be released on the Full Nelson reissue; they just complete the album.”

Currently the re-issued version of Full Nelson exists only in digital format, with news on physical copies coming soon. You can find the new version on Spotify now.

Track Listing
Under No Illusion
China Plates
Billy Balloon Head
Sunshine Smile
Northern Boy
Robot (Trust In Me)
Back To The Stack
Hate Me
Last On The List
Ballad of Verdun Hayes
Death or Glory

Band Members
Baz Mills – Vocals
Adam Thistlethwaite – Guitar
Stevie Holl -Guitar
Adam “Bowz” Bouskill- Bass
Alex Thistlethwaite – Drums


Massive Wagons