Dorset singer/songwriter Rich Atkinson says “some songs come from nowhere and demand to be written, this was such a song.” Rich is talking about his brand new single “Is It Raining Where You Are Too?” he describes it as “it’s like a horse that suddenly joins a race after the race has already started and it suddenly goes on to win, this was such a song.” “The title came from a question that I often ask my daughter (who lives in London) when it’s raining in my hometown of Shaftesbury. The band’s music is described as a Narrative Americana; with a vocal style of Tom Waits, the acoustic side of Bruce Springsteen along with notable jazz influences too.

The tune was recorded at “Urchin Studios” in Hackney Wick under the watchful supervision of ‘Matt Ingram’ who also played drums on it. Matt is a London drummer/producer and has played on and produced a number of Laura Marlin albums. He has also played drums and toured with such artists as Tom O’dell, Jake Bugg, and Florence & the Machine. The New Billionaires were joined in the studio by Bath musicians John East on Bass and Paul Miché on keyboards.

Rich Atkinson And The New Billionaires

The track shows off Rich’s guttural, gravelly vocal style; coupled with light percussion, piano, and Rich Quintin’s atmospheric Tenor Sax. The lyrics tell the story of regret for a break-up that the protagonist in the story didn’t see coming, but also wonders if the other person in the story is hurting too. The tune is out now and can be found on Spotify here.


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).

Rich Atkinson And The New Billionaires