Bournemouth band Dumb Poets have been at the Room With A View” studios in Ringwood mixing and engineering a new creation that is due to be released on their Bandcamp site on 15th April. The release follows the two tracks “Submarine” and the delightful “Paint and Feathers (Wonder That You Are)” that were both released last year. Their latest offering is called “Magic Happens” featuring some additional vocals from singer/songwriter Hannah Robinson, along with vintage Hammond Organ from Room with a View proprietor Steve Smith. The band have had an arty performance-style video put together by Peter Warrick, which can be seen below.

The track starts off with a rambling acoustic guitar, before the beautiful sounding Hammond lights up things with catchy rhythmns and Lance Riley’s unmistakable charmful vocal; coupled with Hannah Robinson’s wonderous blues-infused harmonies. Lyrically writer Lance Rilley is happy to leave the subject matter up to the listener to decipher, but says every word is true and from experience and says it’s also true that sometimesm magic really does happen. The recent change in personnel has given the band a whole new impetus and this shows the band taking a different route on a different road from where they were travelling previously.

Dumb Poets are
Lance Riley Vocals/Guitar
Joe Musker Drums
Mark Arnold Lead Guitar/Vocals
Paul Arnold Bass/Vocals

Additional Vocals: Hannah Robinson
Vintage Keyboards: Steve Smith


Words By David Chinery (Chinners).

Dumb Poets