Bournemouth’s highly rated hard Rock outfit Solcura are about to release the fourth single “Imposter Syndrome”, from their forthcoming EP “A Eulogy for Wasted Time” this month. Frontman Harry explains “this EP is undoubtedly our heaviest and darkest material to date, drawing on a host of inspiration brought about through the malaise of covid; distrust in 21st century new world order, disinformation and personal introspection”. He goes on to explains “our new single is a seething storm of biting lyrics, thundering rhythms and furious guitars that has been harnessed into a 4-minute barn burner of a tune that sticks two fingers up at the establishment and sings out for anyone who wants to express anger at the unjust, corrupt and shady arenas of 21st century political systems and modern economies. If you’ve ever wanted to scream at the sky when the system seems to only represent the interests of the few, this song is for you”.


The single was once again recorded and self-produced by the band, then mixed and mastered by the expert hand of Paul Visser (of The Recording Studio London and UK Prog/Metal band Black Orchid Empire). The track shows the impact of the band’s continuing ability to creatively mix their own Grunge-inspired influences with aspects of modern Rock music. Their clear no compromise attitute is shown with this slowly building number featuring some mesmerizing chants and the gentle drop of the simmering guitar, before all hells breaks loose with the band giving two barrels of their considerable instrumentation. The rip-roaring guitars and thunderous rhythms turn the track on its head and the tempestuous vocal puts forward turbulent and frustrating subject matter. It’s easy to take a swipe at the corridors of power with words, putting it together with music turns it into a forthright statement that has the potential to be heard by many with the potential to appeal for change. Solcura are not a band that are going away; they are working towards a bigger goal and after a taste of performing on the Bloodstock stage, they clearly want to perform to larger audiences and get their music out onto larger platforms.

Solcura are…
Harry Young (Vocals)
Dan Rowe (Guitar)
Sam Taylor (Bass)
Jacob Gower (Drums)

“Imposter Syndrome” is out 19th May 2023, here.


Words by David Chinery (Chinners).