After nearly 4 years in the release wilderness; Dorset Pop/Punk curators “Cause for Control” return with a brand new 6 track 2nd EP, titled “Two’s Up To The Sad Times”. This new EP has been a breath of fresh air for the band and after a few notable changes to their line-up, they are back and firing on all cylinders. The band comprises of founder members Dale Fisher (lead vocals), Lewis Patrick (guitar) who recently joined forces with notable guitarist Benjamin Parker (Tarraska/Soulcreek), with Ryan Martin on bass and Steve Lambert on drums

Lead vocalist Dale shared his enthusiasm about the new release, saying, “this EP is a reflection of our personal journeys and experiences over the past couple of years. We wanted to create something that not only gets your heart racing, but also makes you pause and think about the moments that shape us. ‘Two’s Up to the Sad Times’ is a celebration of resilience and a reminder that even in tough times, we can find strength and unity through music.”

Cause For Control

The EP was engineered, mixed and mastered entirely “in house”. It’s clearly a passion project for the quartet; whose aim is to create a polished yet edgy sound that captures the essence of the bands live performances, while showcasing their growth as musicians.

The band have always kept close to the original band mandate of being a Pop/Punk band with influences coming from mainstream American bands like Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, Blink 182 and Green Day. That said they have always retained the Britishness providing relatable lyrics from their own personal experiences. The new EP is a raw and honest exploration of the highs and lows of life; taking on maturity, along with notable life changes along the way – though to be honest the unceremonious burp at the end of track one still retains the elements of youthful fun and immaturity close to their hearts.

Cause For Control

The EP bursts to life with “Every Now and Then” – melodic guitars, infectious rhythmic patterns and gang harmonies. Dale sings vivaciously over the instrumentation delivering the lyrics in a forthright way. Next up is “Warning Signs” and it’s instantly recognisable; though you’ve probably never heard it before, it has all the elements of a Blink 182 song with toe-tapping rhythms and a bright hooky and uplifting, unforgettable chorus. “Before We Forget” shows off Dale’s unique trademark Punk/Pop vocal; fast-paced, clear and precisely delivered. On this we can see that with the recent recruitment of accomplished guitarist Benjamin Parker, it has pushed Lewis Patrick to up his game. This is shown across the EP with some wondrous creative guitar work for us all to enjoy.

“Stuck” is yet another ear worm bustling with power chords and a host of radio friendly lyrics, while “Tough Love” gives Ryan a chance to take some of the spotlight with an impressive unprecedented bass intro. The song turns out to be one of the best of the six, it features some clever instrumentation and is quite a different prospect than the others. The final track is sure to become a live favourite – “Good Vibes” features the EP’s title name within the lyrics and the track has a simple loud and clear message. I was waiting for more childish antics like a fart sound or similar after the finale, sadly I was left disappointed!! The EP hits the spot in all areas and the band show they have certainly upped their game from previous offerings. The EP is a high energy rollercoaster of personal emotions that will leave you wanting more.

Cause For Control

Track Listing
Every Now And Then
Warning Signs
Before We Forget
Tough Love
Good Vibes

Cause For Control are
Dale Fisher – Lead Vocals
Lewis Patrick – Electric Guitar
Benjamin Parker – Electric Guitar
Ryan Martin – Bass
Steve Lambert – Drums


Article by David Chinery (Chinners).

Cause For Control