Search For Yeti are a band hailing from New Zealand containing a drummer from the UK with a decent Indie pedigree. This Wellington-based band come to us with their mesmerising new single “Red” for our listening pleasure. There’s a gentle calm within the intro that adds chiming guitar notes and simple skin-tapping to set the scene. The over-bearing chorus is overlong but lends itself to longevity, making me feel that maybe it should sit somewhere mid-album than pushed out as a single?

A good four minutes in there’s more than a nod to “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” (Bauhaus), but this is where the song livens up somewhat. If this was a Martin Grech composition then I feel the “suits” would be getting the cheque books out, but one has to admire the ambition. The accompanying video is a thing of beauty set to a wondrous backdrop of nature and planet earth in all its finery. The continued drum-tapping towards the end continues to build as the chorus grows more intense within the layered, dual vocalising.

There’s a certain irony in the lyric “Run to ground now” with the majority of the video footage featuring “the ground”. To sum up I would shorten the intro and shave a minute off the ending. This early on it’s about getting your audience onside, but as a start point this is a decent debut single.


Review by Russell Rankine (guest reviewer)

Search For Yeti