There are people out there that just moan about the slightest obstruction in life and there are those that just get on with things, no matter what life throws at them. What some people see as an inconvenience are turned into a positive by others. Singer/Songwriter Roxanne Phillips has autism, ADHD and has limited mobility using a wheelchair to get around; says that she uses her autism as a superpower, especially when it comes to music. Last year she was awarded the “Alex JT Special Award” at the Dorset Original Music Awards for her abilities to overcome her adversities.

Roxanne is certainly a force to behold; she’s feisty, she can hold her own in any conversation and show her pity at your own peril. Anyone that has the pleasure of meeting this young lady will be inspired by what she has achieved already, along with her constant ambitions and goals.

As well as being an excellent painter and boxer; Roxanne has recently fulfilled a lifelong ambition to release her debut single called “Gods Of The Sun”. The song was recorded with the help of Hangover Hill Records featuring fellow award winner (and best friend) Millie Watson on backing vocals, the multi-talented Yui Karlberg on violin and local legend Matt Black providing added percussion and bass as well as production duties. Roxanne’s songwriting has psychedelic leanings with folk infusions, she would have us believe that she was a pirate in another life!

She has a unique knack of changing her voice to provide a variety of regional accents. The track is an enchanting shanty-style tale about the Goddess of the Sun and loads of creepy eight leg arachnids. The instrumentation provides a wonderful atmospheric backdrop for Roxanne’s divine vocals, that weave beautifully in and out of Millie and Yui’s significant contributions. A wonderful debut and just the start of a journey that will include the release of a debut album in the not too distant future.

Roxanne Phillips

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Article by David Chinery (Chinners).

Roxanne Phillips