Bournemouth International Centre

When Nothing But Thieves announced their tour, I had promised to take my daughter. So, on a warm afternoon in June, whilst sitting in my hammock, I purchased two seated tickets. Fast forward to late October 2023 and we also find out that a band we have been wanting to see for a long time were in support – Kid Kapichi! This meant that we were now stupidly excited for this gig so imagine our disappointment to find out that we had to wait a week and a half to see both brilliant bands as Conor was taken ill and the gig needed to be postponed.

Wednesday the 15th November finally rolled around, it was a school day so there was a lot of organisation to do and I rushed out of work at 3.30. A complete contrasting mash up between “normal” life and ‘gig’ life. After a quick dash up the M27 and paying extortionate parking charges we finally arrive at the Elevate Restaurant within Bournemouth International Centre, a great discovery. A chicken burger with chocolate bombe for dessert, all washed done with a pint of Ice Breaker, I was ready for the main event. As I walked into the main arena, Queens of the Stone Age were playing (I was back to see them the following night) also Running out of Time by Paramore, a track I had played in the car that morning – which had typified my week! So, it was bliss to settle in my chair and get ready to be entertained.

King Nun excitedly bounced on stage at 7.30 and entertained with a half hour set. Looking and sounding like a mid- nineties indie band they were loving the interaction with the audience. The bassist looking slightly out of place as he kept doing scissor kicks in the air. But both he and the front man were incredibly energetic. The latter was really entertaining and kept my attention as he gleefully chatted to the crowd between songs – you could tell they were incredibly grateful to support Nothing But Thieves and have the opportunity to entertain this (almost) sell out crowd. I liked them mainly due to the sheer enjoyment of the lead singer, but I won’t run out to buy any albums.

So, the band I had been waiting a while for, at 8.15pm ominous repetitive music began to play as Kid Kapichi jumped on stage with Artillery as their opening track. Then straight in with “Working Man’s Town” (the only track off their delightfully catchy debut “This Time Next Year”) was really reflecting the feeling I had that week! Jack Wilson grabbed hold of the mic to address his audience, “This song is called Rob the Supermarket – it is all about Robbing Supermarkets”. My energy levels really started to lift when the super bouncing track “I.N.V.U” (also off of their second album – “Here’s what you could have won”) came on and I really wanted to dance. This band are super fun with catchy tunes and great lyrics. You can’t help but do some chair dancing.

Next, Jack jokingly quipped (reminding us of the rescheduled date), “Nice of Conor to show up tonight. No, I am only joking. I am being a dick, It has been great being on tour with them again. Thanks for showing up for the new date”.

Then he introduced “Tamagotchi” from their eagerly anticipated third album, “There goes the neighbourhood”. Next, another one off the third album, “Let’s get to work”. Then Ben, took a break brief serious break to talk about the troubles in Gaza. It was a great and meaningful speech. Jack broke the tension by saying, “you can’t bring politics into music”. Oh. The irony. This band bleed politics in every note and word they breath. Particularly with the excellent collaboration with Bob Vylan the awesome opening track from the second album, “New England”. This excellent set ended with “Smash the Gaff”. I was sad to see this band leave the stage; I love them and am super excited to see them again at some point. After the wait to see them, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Smoke began drifting about the darkened stage and a red sign displaying DCR (Dead Club Radio) lit up. The music got louder, “You’re listening to Dead Club Radio. The place where music comes alive”. It was like a classic American radio station playing an eclectic mix of songs from Genesis to Kendric Lamar. The lights dimmed whilst ABBA “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” blasted out over the speakers. Now, I am (famously) not a fan of ABBA but that is a tune! The excitement began to build with pulsating red lights and the band entered onto a massively impressive stage set with three giant projection screens to one side as Conor yelled “Hello Bournemouth” then moments later the opening bars to “Welcome to the DCC” started up.

The second track “Everybody’s going crazy” came from the excellent third album, “Moral Panic”. Conor was clearly in fine spirits as he pranced around the stage wearing a baggy white T-shirt with red trousers. Smoke began to rise on the ginormous three walled projector screen whilst “Tomorrow is Closed” from the latest album progressed. During “Real Love Song” ripples of light romantically reflected off the massive almost sold-out crowd below. Conor then taking time to discuss the elephant in the room and apologising for the rescheduled show. “I felt really guilty about it and beat myself up”. You really felt for him knowing it was the last thing they wanted to do.

He continued talking to describe their varied sound. “You know our songs are all over the place. Love songs. Heavy songs and songs that make you want to have sex with people”. Then they played “You know me too well”, One of the stand-out tracks on the latest album for me is “City Haunts”. It was superb live. Next, they crashed in with “I Was Just a Kid”. The cracking opener to their second album, “Broken Machine” it was then I felt compelled to stand up. Part way through “Do You Love Me Yet?” Conor yelled, “Do you love us yet?” Hell yes! They really know how to put on a professional show. I had first seen them exactly five years ago to the day at Southampton Guildhall. It isn’t the greatest of venues when it comes to the sound system and the acoustics of the space itself. However, tonight Nothing But Thieves utilised the powerful sound system, that Bournemouth International Centre provides, to their full advantage. I have always loved the venue and Nothing But Thieves totally impressed me too. “Phobia” then played – it is a favourite of ours and my heart was thudding.

“Some of you found this song on FIFA. Some of you found it on porn hub”. Conor joked, “I don’t know what Porn Hub is”.Straight into “Trip switch” and the epic “Futureproof” they were moving seamlessly between tracks. “Impossible” bought an epic crowd sing-a-long. “Bournemouth – your fucking turn”. Finally, the encore and the balcony was rocking with people clapping and stamping waiting for them to come back on. Conor came back on but announced he was taking his shoes off and encouraged the whole crowd to stand for “Amsterdam”. “Show me your worse dance moves so I don’t feel so bad with mine”. They finally ended with “Overcome”. Conor had clearly thoroughly enjoyed the night as much as we had. “Thank you so much. That was a lot of fun”. I hate cancelling and rescheduling. Not to worry Conor, it was well worth the wait!

Nothing But Thieves
Welcome to the DCC
Is Everybody Going Crazy?
Tomorrow is Closed
Broken Machine
Real Love Song
You Know Me Too Well
City Haunts
I Was Just a Kid
Do You Love Me Yet?
Ce n’est Rien / Gods / Number 13 (Instrumental)
Green Eyes: Siena
Trip Switch
Pop the Balloon

Kid Kapichi
Working Men’s Town
Rob the Supermarket
Let’s Get to Work
New England
Smash the Gaff

King Nun
Golden Age
Do You Know Where You Are?
Sinking Feeling
I Must Be Struck By Lightning To Fly
Hung Around


Article By Zoe Cummings.

Nothing But Thieves