One of Surrey’s best-kept secrets are a 5-piece retro styled band called “The TR5’s”, with their highly charged blend of 50’s Skiffle and early 60’s Rock n’ Roll. They have been entertaining a host of audiences at many high profile events across the home counties. The band have recently released their debut 10-track studio album called “A Triumph” featuring 6 original tracks and 4 cover versions.

The album’s ten tracks are all feelgood, uplifting numbers that take you back to a certain point in time where everything was so much simpler. The tracks are not engulfed by technology and feature simplistic instrumentation, played skilfully and with plenty of enthusiasm. It’s hard not to move and get caught up within the infectious choruses and the constant rumble of the foot-tapping rhythms. Rusty’s sublime voice lights the way and you can almost feel her constant smile as she delivers the vocal.

The band encapsulate the whole 1950’s Rock n’ Roll vibe with some especially impressive work, combining acoustic and electric guitars to great effect.

The TR5's

The songs can all be heard live at their charismatic and energetic stage shows, where the band have created a proven track record of great live events. They are in high demand up and down the country having performed at multiple events in Liverpool, London. Guilford, Southampton, Reading and many around the home county of Surrey. “A Triumph” is out now and can be purchased here.

Track Listing
Rock n’ Roll Good Times
This Thing Called Love
Everybody’s Screaming
Ain’t She Sweet
Drummin’ Man
Let’s Jump The Broomstick
Mr Lucky
Twenty Lucky
Twenty Flight Rock
Every’s Trying to Be My Baby
Let it Rock

The Tr5’s are
Rusty – Vocals
Lucky – Acoustic Guitar
Richey – Lead Guitar
Finn – Bass
Ted – Drums



Article by David Chinery (Chinners)

The TR5's