So, Synth duo Scenius are back with a new single – this time a re-appropriation of the Can classic. I must admit at this juncture, not only was I not aware of this song; I was only aware of the band Can and not their music, a fact I have now rectified! So, moving on…

Scenius open the song with their own scratchy sample part before the song comes alive. On first listen there’s more than a nod to Bowie’s “Fashion” which came some years later – which maybe explains why Can were so revered back in the day. Where Scenius differ maybe is how they employ more of a sound akin to early Depeche Mode.

The accompanying video is one assumes, a futuristic dream (or maybe reality). A space age love affair or that of a dream?? The keys/sampling stay simple while the vocals remain understated. The bridges are carefully slotted allowing the song to breathe, while exploring all electronic elements. The vocals have that clear, concise ‘New Romantic’ aura about them where less is more. One can imagine Scenius performing this track in a venue, with accompanying video on large screens in the background.


“I Want More” is another great release from their ever-evolving canon, I feel even the purists will approve. And while Scenius may be new to some listeners, they have at least turned this listener onto Can. One can only look forward now to their forthcoming work….

Purchase the Track here.

For those wishing to hear more from this duo, check out the album “Life Is A Thing” – released June 2023.


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.