17 year old singer/songwriter Ralph Bishop follows up his fine debut single “Man Without Words” with a new offering that once again has been put together with the expert direction of Hangover Hill’s Matt Black. Matt mixed and mastered it as well as proving his unbounding enthusastic encouragement, helping this young artist in the early stages of his musical journey. The track is entitled “Solstice” and the Dorchester-based “Reddle” frontman once again displays his musical creativity, featuring many fascinating elements.

The track has been released with an atmospheric video that has been put together by the talented Levi Warnes. He has recently gained himself a place at Guildhall in London for a degree course with the guitar as his principal study.

With the composition at just over five minutes long, Ralph has tapped into a rich vein of inventiveness that includes dramatic sound-shaping piano; coupled with some impressive evocative guitar and some subtle rhythm patterns. The lyrics explore contrast between light and dark, day and night. It seems to come from the point of view of a deep thinking insomniac, put over a progressive phsychedelic landscape. There are plenty of musical influences here, way beyond Ralph’s years and it’s great to see someone so young tapping into our musical heritage and using it to create something original.

Ralph Bishop


Words By David Chinery (Chinners)

Ralph Bishop