A Brand new DIY cassette/tape label supporting local artists

Alternative Dorsette is a DIY tape label, set up in September 2023 by two friends who live in Swanage and are committed to documenting the alternative local music scene in Dorset, past and present. Their cassette tapes will be produced in limited runs of 25 copies with each release coming with a PDF fanzine. A retro quirky way to introduce some of the great local music to a wider audience.

Alternative Dorsette’s first two releases are by two local punk acts Self Abuse and Virus. The Self Abuse recording is “Live At Square Records” recorded on 14th September 2019 during a special intimate gig. The Cassette feature 13 tracks and will also include an exclusive 38 page PDF fanzine which boasts a history of the band from 1982 – 2024, a contemporary gig review plus numerous photos from this gig, as well as a digital download of the release. It is currently available with blue or red covers.

Alternative Dorset: Self Abuse

Self Abuse – Live At Square Records, 14th September 2019
Blowing A Fuse
Lies Lies Lies
No Change
Let Me Out Of Hell
Another Nightmare

That’s Progress
Celebrity Death Squad
(I Didn’t Wanna Be A) Soldier
Under Attack

The Virus release is “Demos And Live Recordings 2020-2024” will also include an exclusive 44 page PDF fanzine which will include a history of the band from 1982 – 2024, extensive Cassette Liner Notes by Jaz Wiseman plus numerous gig photos as well as a digital download of the release.

Alternative Dorset: Self Abuse

Virus “Demos And Live Recordings 2020-2024”
Spineless (Demo)
Dark Secrets (Demo)
The Seal (Demo)
Apathy (Demo)
Monarchaic (Demo)
Curfew Time (Demo)
Falling (Demo)
Reclaim Reduce Recycle Reuse (Jaz Home Demo)

The Bling Leading The Blind (Demo)
We Don’t Want Your Fucking War (Demo)
Lied On (Jaz Home Demo)
Who Owns England (Jaz Home Demo)
Typically English Day (Live 2022)
Gangsters (Live 2023)
Profit (Live 2024)
Architects Of Evil (Live 2024)

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