Joiners Arms, Southampton

Glamour of the Kill certainly don’t do things by halves, tonight’s show is part of a massive 30 date UK tour is support of the band’s debut album ‘The Summoning’. The four piece metal core band from York are riding on a ever growing wave of success as each of the dates progresses. The Joiners tonight is packed full of expectant fans after several previous colossal performances here have shown what a force that the band really is. I think quite possibly this tour may well be one of the last times fans get to see the band in smaller venues such as this.

Opening up the show is local south coast band ‘Prolong The Agony’ who do the best to get some early energy from the audience succeeding very well and getting a small mosh pit going almost with some enthusiastic hand clapping. The melodic fast paced guitar work coupled with vocalist Lewis’ aptly delivered semi-screamo vocals seem to go down well with the Southampton crowd. The band have a great chemistry between the four of them and it is obvious by this performance tonight they are thoroughly relishing their time on stage. The band perform ‘Paradox’ and ‘The Tide has Changed’ from the debut EP leaving the stage after making the most of the brief 20 minute slot.

As the main tour support ‘Shadow Chasing Ghosts’ come out of the dressing room totally ready to deliver, they arrive on stage to a dancey intro tape and proceed to shower the audience with silver ticker tape before launching into their first number. The energy is just amazing and they perform as any headline band with the crowd on their side from the start with plenty of wild movement on the dance floor. The band has many varied vocals styles combined with their fast past guitars and energetic drumming. ‘Home’ and ‘Sunlight’ from the band’s album ‘The Golden Ratio’ make up the highlight’s of the bands set that provide ‘Glamour of the Kill’ with a huge task to follow after such an impressive performance.

After a quick turnaround the stage was ready for the main attraction. The lights went out, the intro music started, Davey Richmond(Bas/Lead Vocals), Chris Gomerson(Guitar/Vocals, Mike Kingswood(LeadGuitar/Vocals) and Ben Thomson(Drums/Vocals) arrive onstage to an ecstatic reception from the crowd who seem extremely eager for the band to get started. The band launch into ‘Supremacy’ from the new album which sounds great live after only listening to it on my ipod up until now. All the members of the band provide substantial vocal back up to Davey’s lead with some great harmonising which definitely is something that sets them apart from the other bands, with the well written lyrics being so easy to pick up the majority of the audience sing-along without any encouragement needed. The venue’s dance floor is once again a chaos of sweaty bodies with a circle pits and at one point a wall of death which made the professional photographers run for cover to protect their expensive equipment.

The evening provides an excellent fix of metal core heaven for the ever-growing list of GOTK fans, the band end with the ever popular ‘Rise From your Grave’ and ‘Feeling Alive’, the band leave the stage triumphantly with mass appreciation from the Joiners faithful crowd.

If Only She Knew
A Hope In Hell
Dying From The Inside
Here Behind These Walls
Lost Souls
So Who Said Romance Is Dead?
Worlds End
Through The Eyes Of The Broken
Rise From Your Grave
Feeling Alive

Glamour of the Kill

Shadows Chasing Ghosts


Words and pictures by;

Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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