The Brook, Southampton

Well, if there is one thing Rock music fans wish for down south, it’s a stop on the latest tour by Bradford’s finest Terrorvision. Opening for them are Gentlemans Pistols: every prog-rockers dream! Take your pick from any prog from back in the day,throw in a little Wolfmother & you are somewhere near with these guys. Their attire is somewhat anti-fashion (vests)-however,they do sport long hair & beards! Their genre is totally lost on this reviewer, although I cannot knock their talent.

Tonights set is heavily ‘borrowed’! Track 2 leans heavily toward ‘Black Night’,quickly followed by their own ‘Purple Haze’. Track 4 is the interestingly titled ‘Some Girls Don’t Know What’s Good For Them’,these chaps do all the cliches-long middle eights, noodling, drum solos,you get the picture but the response is mixed. They end with ‘Sherman Tank’ to decent applause as we wait for the main event.

When a band returns in the current climate people will undoubtedly say ‘in it for the money-they’re broke’. In Terrorvisions case its to air new material from forthcoming LP Super Deluxe which on tonights performance will catapult them back into the public conscience. One change to the line-up is on drums where Shutty has been replaced by the young & energetic Cam who really does pound those skins!

They open with their last ‘hit’ ‘Do You Wanna Go Faster’, quickly followed by ‘My House’ & Discotheque Wreck’ where the moshers begin to find their feet Singer Tony Wilson has not lost his usual energy as he jumps around the stage like its the late 90’s! First track to be aired from ‘Super Delux’ is ‘All The Girls Wanna Dance’, a real crowd pleaser & possible future single me thinks. Swiftly followed by ‘Neighbourhood’ where Tony begins to banter with the crowd ‘we’ve all got neighbours,so we wrote a song about it’!

A mixture of old & new follows, highlights being ‘Demo Song’ & ‘Josephine’ which brings the first big singalong. In truth most of us are here for the anthems but when a band returns with new material this good, one has to stand & applaud very loudly. No half measures here, the new stuff rocks!!! As the pit grows wilder were ‘treated’ to ‘Pretend Best Friend’, another big singalong to ‘Middleman & Oblivion’. The band leave us begging for more & return for 4 more tracks including the anthemic ‘Alice,What’s the Matter’ before leaving us with ‘Perseverance’. All in all a triumphant return from one of rocks finest. We even get to meet the band post-gig-top guys. Here’s hoping for that Super Delux promo tour!

D’Ya Wanna Go Faster
My House
Discotheque Wreck
All The Girls Wanna Dance
Demolition Song
Some People Say
Celebrity Hitlist
Hold Tight
Friends and Family
New Policy One
Run and Hide
Shiny Things
Sometimes I’d Like To Kill Her
Dog Chew The Handle
If I Was You
Pretend Best Friend
Rock Radio

Alice What’s The Matter

Words by;
Ross Ferrone (Guest reviewer).

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