The Winchester, Bournemouth

Its Friday night at The Winchester and it’s launch night for The Frequency’s debut single ‘High Society’. But what about the supports you ask me? Due to a late line-up re-shuffle Lauren Bannen is tonight’s opener. This reviewer is predictably late so misses her performance. Nevertheless, I’m reliably informed she gives a great performance.

The Kings Of Hearts

So, Kings of Hearts. These guys play their music hard. Labelling themselves a Rock/Grunge outfit I wouldn’t disagree although ‘Swim’ era Feeder would be nearer the money. Early on Phill (vocals) is struggling with a dodgy mic stand. Is this a joke he asks? Bit late for an April fool, but he struggles on regardless. They open with ‘Enemy’ which is something they’ll make few of tonight. Its a searing heavy opener which sets the tone for the bulk of their set. They look confident throughout & 2 years on the scene has served them well. ‘Round & Round’ is very heavy with an intricate middle eight, Luke’s drums coming to the fore-boy does he bash those skins! ‘Another Morning’ goes ‘stoner’ Rock on us but doesn’t detract from what is an accomplished set of songs ending in the bullish ‘Burn it Down’. The band leave to generous applause,which is well earnt.

The Push

Next up are South Coast Punkers The Push. Despite their age & the obvious nod to the current crop of pop/punk outfits doing the circuit,these boys are a breath of fresh air in Bournemouth. They obviously take their influence from the late 70’s Punk/New Wave era,so much so their 2nd song is a cover of ‘I Fought The Law’, & what a fine stab at it they make. Bassist James has clearly been studying his Dad’s Clash videos judging by the shapes he’s pulling. He’s no Paul Simonon (Bass Player of The Clash) but going in the right direction. Despite their youth these boys are confident throughout, James & Matt (vox) smile continuously all through their set. They also see the first audience participation, their girlfriends dancing down the front perhaps? ‘Greenworld’,’For You’ & ‘Outta Here’ are set highlights but they dont have any weak songs – fact! Another cover ‘Moby Dick’ gives drummer Nick the chance to show off the big solo, he duly obliges, once again grinning throughout. The band return for the remainder of what is a long set (16 songs), they also have some expansive middle eights but dont let this put you off. Their final number ‘Never Know’ heavily borrows the riff from Inspiral Carpets ‘I Want You’, although I doubt it’s deliberate. We get an encore of ‘St Jimmy’ before a blistering run thru ‘Gay Bar’. The Push make a bold statement of intent with their set. Here for the long haul? One can only hope so!

The Frequency
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And so to the headliners. The Frequency in a short space of time have garnered a good local following for their Britbeat inspired music. Featuring none other than Austin Brown (vox) & Dan Hammond-Smith & Phil Hodgets from The Other Half fame. Dan Kazimirow completes the line-up on this, the night of their single launch. Oh yeah & it’s free! So, to their set. Austin announces that their ‘gonna takes us back to where it all started’ (hence the acoustic guitars).

They open with ‘Anywhere But Home’, a gentle little number, followed by ‘Coming Back Up You’ & ‘Loverblind’ before ditching the acoustics & upping the tempo. Tonight Austin’s voice reminds this reviewer of one Kelly Jones although this is no Stereophonics karaoke show! More a classic britbeat/indie crossover. Phil’s percussion is almost effortless throughout although some of the endings require a little polish on tonights performance. Dans guitar work mirrors that of Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel), while bassist Dan is another shapeshifter tonight as he cajoles & encourages this audience into a frenzy.

This being their home-town gig they up the ante with songs like ‘Falling In’ yet return to mellow with ‘Changing Faces’. Their penultimate song & set highlight is ‘Lighthouse’. Austin’s vocals take a more Gallagher-esque twang but this doesn’t detract from what is a ballsy in yer face stomper of a tune. Clearly a crowd pleaser it receives the warmest response so far. They once again remind us this is their launch night for the single & its free! They end with ‘Saving the World’ then take the plaudits.

The Frequency
Anywhere But Home
Coming Back Up You
The Foolish One
All That You Found
Hell & Back
Falling In
Changing Faces
Run With You
Saving The World.

Words and pictures by:
Ross Ferrone.

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