Talking Heads, Southampton

The Undertones

It’s Friday night, it’s warm and it’s coming to the end of Summer and Derry’s favourite sons are in town! Making a welcome return South are none other than The Undertones. Opening tonight are local lads The Lost Boys. They quietly take to this stage with little fuss, announce themselves; then begin with opener “Lost Kisses”. This acoustic-led 4 piece play a whimsy style of Indie that is bordering on Britbeat. Sadly tonight (certainly from where I’m standing) it is not fully appreciated – all I can hear is loud voices in the room. They are undeterred and carry on regardless. I don’t want to make any obvious (or otherwise) comparisons, but to this reviewer I’m hearing a very slight Nick Cope (The Candyskins) influence in singer Daniel’s voice. If I have only one criticism to make it’s just that most of their set sounds the same and all the songs seem to meld into each other. That said they end on a high with the Beatles song “All My Lovin”. Clearly The Lost Boys have talent, I just feel tonight it may have gone unrecognised. We will see.

At around 9.30pm The Undertones take to the stage. A huge roar goes up as they open with the classic ‘My Perfect Cousin’. Three old favourites soon follow – “Male Model” gives singer Paul (Mcloone) the first opportunity to show off! He is in his element as he preens, gurns and gyrates in front of us, ever the showman!! “Gotta Getta” and “Runaround” soon follow before the new (to me) “Thrill Me”. A few punters are starting to move a little as the band start to hit their stride. Banter is exchanged by Paul and Mickey (Bradley) with the crowd, but one thing still stands out-they seem to still be having so much fun!

Another “new” track (to this reviewer) “When It Hurts” preceeds the excellent “Love Parade” before the always popular “You’ve Got My Number…Jump Boys” gets this crowd jumping, quite literally. “Wednesday Week” sees a rare vocal slip-up from Paul-he smiles thru’ it, issuing an apology and we forgive him!!

The Undertones

It’s not long before we get the ultimate big song in “Teenage Kicks”. More of us move forward, (myself included) to pay homage in the only way possible. The moshpit swells somewhat as the room gets hotter. Not to be outdone the remaining 3 cuts from said E.P. are aired to great exaltation. “Smarter Than You” is delivered at full pelt while “Emergency Cases” is delivered in true throaty style. I’m already beginning to think Feargal who?! “When Saturday Comes” preceeds “Here Comes The Summer” as the “hits” keep coming. The whole band are now smiling; as are we, the audience. “Jimmy Jimmy” induces a huge singalong before they leave us on “Get Over You”.

A short break encourages shouts of UN-DER-TONES, UN-DER-TONES!! They announce there’ll be 4 songs but they end up playing 6! “Girls Don’t Like It” and “I Know A Girl” precede the slightly underwhelming “Hypnotised”, yet once they play “Listening In” they decide almost on the spot to do “Top 20”. This only goes on to encourage shouts of “Mars Bars”, yet they leave us on “Teenage Kicks” again. We jump around like loons and remember why we like The Undertones so much. Even after some 36 years in the business they still know how to put on a great show. Long may that continue.

Set List
My Perfect Cousin
Male Model
I Gotta Getta
(She’s A) Runaround
Thrill Me
Girls That Don’t Talk
When It Hurts
The Love Parade
You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It)
Jump Boys
Wednesday Week
Much Too Late
Family Entertainment
Wrong Way
You’re Welcome
Teenage Kicks
Smarter Than You
True Confessions
Emergency Cases
When Saturday Comes
Here Comes The Summer
Billy’s 3rd
Jimmy Jimmy
Get Over You

Girls Don’t Like It
I Know A Girl
Listening In

Top Twenty
Teenage Kicks


Review and Pictures by Ross A. Ferrone.

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