O2 Academy, Bournemouth

I first saw Glasvegas a couple of times supporting U2 at Wembley and Cardiff stadiums in 2009, to be perfectly honest I really was not sure what to make of them , the guitars were ok, but the vocals took a lot of getting used to, James Allan’s heavy Scottish accent bellowing over a large stadium PA just did really not do it for me. I always curious about band that I don’t get 1st time round as sometimes it does take a few experiences to see what they are all about .

The band have just released their 2nd album ‘Euphoric Heartbreak’ and are doing a short UK tour along with some festival dates in the summer to promote it and after a successful appearance on the Jools Holland show they again be seen gracing the pages of the music mags as the ones to watch. Tonight’s support band are ‘Thomas Tantrum from Southampton fronted by the stylish Megan Thomas on vocals and on blue ‘Mega’ guitar. The four piece power through of set of uncomplicated indie pop tunes that have the potential to get under your skin after a just few listens.

Thomas Tantrum

Their songs such as the very radio friendly ‘Sleep’ and ‘Hot Summer’ produce some adorable vocal work from Megan which coupled with the guitars and Keyboards make for very pleasing ear candy. The audience give polite applause at the end of the set as it seems the vast majority arrived late and only made the trip out on this Friday night to see one band.


The go lights down at exactly 9:15 and the haunting intro ‘Pain Pain Never Again’ starts and a really enthusiastic cheer goes up as the band take to the stage, with James all in white silhouetted by the rest of the band members who are in black, the first 3 songs are the opening three songs from the new album all in order. James plays to the audience withering around of the edge of the stage with his microphone in hand with its trailing luminous fibre optic lead, the reaction is immediate and the crowd are really up for tonight which seems to lift the band.

I am not sure whether tonight’s more intimate setting than the last time I saw them suits the band better or not, I am finding the band strangely uplifting with these guitar lead songs coupled with the powerful drums delivered with ferocious precision from stand up drummer Jonna Lofgren. As the band launch into the much anticipated ‘Geraldine’ the atmosphere in the place steps up as notch with virtually everyone in the audience are singing to the words and this continues with ‘Go Square Go’ which sees the crowd chanting the chorus like a rowdy football crowd. There is a touching moment when James tells a story about seeing his seemingly shy manager on Jools Holland in front of the TV cameras, he brings the house lights up revealing the manager on his own up in the balcony, the crowd give him huge applause to which his gives a wave.

The band leave the stage and are called back on stage for a strong four song encore ending in the emotional ‘Daddy Gone’. I am so happy to be proved wrong by a band that can be compared to Marmite you will either love them or hate them, I am certainly now finding I am growing to love them more.

Set Lists
Thomas Tantrum
Swan Lake
Last Kiss
Face The Music
Warm Horse
Hot Summer
All in Your Head

Pain Pain Never Again
World Is Yours
It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
Shine Like Stars
Dream Dream Dreaming
Whatever Hurts You Through The Night
Lonesome Swan
Euphoria Take My Hand
Ice Cream Van
Go Square Go
Heartbreaker(Dionne Warwick cover)

Flowers & Football Tops
SAD Light
Lots Sometimes
Daddy’s Gone


Words and Pictures by
Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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