Electro-Industrial group Dreams Divide recently provided us with a promo of their up and coming album Puppet Love. Having recently supported Die So Fluid in Southampton of March this year I was keen to hear their studio offering. Being formed in 2009, they are now ready to share their brand of Goth/Synth-pop with the world.

The opening track, ‘John’, proves promising, with a strong back beat, and Davids vocals providing depth. This sets the scene for the album, and continues through out the entire album, showing potential for great things.

With a synth-pop sound comparable to Ashbury Heights, Code-64, and more recent Covenant, but with a slightly edgier sound and feel. Gems’ vocals help to rreinforce the synth-pop sound, and the right mix against Davids rawer sound. They are certainly not as dark as Menschdefekt, or as edgy as Frontline Assembly.

The album is well produced, with slick sound, and shows promise that they can go far. It does perhaps lack some of the energy of their live performance, although this could be a considered a more than acceptable trade-off against the production values of the album.

However, for some the album might sound a bit samely, with little variation throughout the tracks, but it is well worth a listen, even if you only listen to it in smaller chunks instead of a single body of work.

Closing with possibly the strongest track of the album, ‘Puppet Love’, and for some reason reminding me of ‘Enola Gay’ during the chorus, they certainly have the credentials to produce more great tracks.

They should prove to be regular performers at Goth and Industrial nights, and the album should provide floor fillers on club nights.

Track Listing
Puppet Love


Words by Jon.

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