The Joiners Arms, Southampton

My evening did not get off to a good start, as I managed to get lost walking from the train station to the Joiners, but never mind, my mood rapidly improved when I arrived, mainly thanks to the first band on who were called er…

The First

…The First. Playing a melodic rock that reminded me a bit of bands like Halifax and Taking Back Sunday, they soon had my head bopping. The vocals were spot on and they put on a pleasing set. However whilst there wasn’t actually anything technically wrong with them, I did feel that interaction with the crowd between songs was a little scripted and they didn’t play with much energy, meaning that despite the room being packed, the atmosphere was a little flat. Perhaps they were just feeling the heat as the place was already feeling like a sauna. I then bumped into fellow reviewer Chinners and photographer Alex Prospect Cook which was a nice surprise, go team!

Not Advised

Any worries I had about the atmosphere not being great completely disappeared when Not Advised took to the stage and as soon as they walked on the whole place just seem to wake up. Almost as if they had brought the sunshine from outdoors in with them, their catchy pop-punk filled the room with a happy vibe, which was helped by the smiles on their faces as everyone went crazy for them. They reminded me of early Kids In Glass Houses, back when they were more fun, and they have some of the catchiest choruses I have ever heard. I found myself singing along to songs I had never heard before. I guess being local boys must help, but the crowd were at their beck and call, and every request for jumping and singing was met. There were people climbing onto the stage and crowd surfing and one person even decided to add some interesting (read; awful) guest vocals before being quickly encouraged to step away from the microphone. I watched and laughed as Alex leapt into the throng of people dancing, and after a couple more songs, they had me and Chinners jumping as well. The chorus of the last song, “The World’s Not Ready”, contains the lyrics, I’ve found a way to keep you coming back. You sure have boys, you sure have.

Deaf Havana

The last time I saw Deaf Havana was at the Old Firestation in Bournemouth about 3 months ago supporting Underoath and to be honest no one really gave a damn that they were even there. Tonight could not have been more different. Playing hardcore influenced melodic rock, with personal heartfelt lyrics, they definitely know how to write some good songs. Listening to the crowd sing back every word of some old favourites, louder than the band were playing was amazing and even the band seemed surprised at how much this crowd seemed to love them. Despite the fact that it was now so hot that even the walls were sweating they managed to keep us entertained for over an hour.

For a frontman that is a self confessed “miserable bastard”, tonight he was funny and charming and his vocals sounded perfect. They did a couple of “lounge” versions of their songs, probably just to try and calm down and cool off a little, and again these got everyone singing and there was a real sense of unity in the room as everyone got behind them. The whole band were really impressive tonight, they do seem to be going from strength to strength. The only fault I found in the whole set was a couple of issues with the bass guitar. I found out afterwards that this was because the place was so hot and sweaty that water had actually got into the input causing it to cut out. Crazy days. Other than that, utter perfection.

The First
Something Nothing
I’m Open To Suggestions
My Defence
My Intentions are Good
It’s Not Your Fault
Sit Tight

Not Advised
The Winner
The Ark
Jane Says Left
All I Need
Hope Killed The Hype
Good News
Right Now
The World’s Not Ready

Deaf Havana
Smiles All Round
Oh Howard
World Or Nothing (new)
Three Cheers
I Will Try (new)
I’m A Bore (new)
Youth In Retrospect (new)
In Desperate Need Of Adventure
Friends Like These
My Life Is Average
Right Now I’m Anyone’s
Nicotine And Alcohol Saved My Life

Deaf Havana

Not Advised

The First

Words by Sarah Lovegrove.
Pictures By Alex ‘Gok’ Prospect Cook & Chinners.

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