Deadlines are a 6 piece progressive metalcore band from Southampton which features ex members of Bury Tomorrow, Ghosts on Pegasus Bridge, In Her Ruin and Upon Distant Shores. With a fair number of talented bands emerging from Southampton’s ever strengthening music scene recently, Deadlines will be looking to class themselves as another flourishing band originating from the area in the near future. Their live shows are described as ‘intense ‘and ‘unforgettable’, so the news of their debut studio effort will have excited more than a few followers of the band.

‘The First Collapse’ kicks off with the title track, an intro which slowly sinks you into a false sense of security through delay soaked guitar which eventually smashes you straight into second track ‘Wreckage’, which hits you hard with huge vocals and thundering drums. The clean vocals in the chorus fit the track perfectly and the combination of screams and clean vocals continues to impress me throughout the track. The balance of brutality and subtle qualities is there, which means your mood fluctuates rapidly throughout.


Next track ‘Cause and Effect’ seems a bit similar to ‘Wreckage’ to start, until the chorus and mid vocal breakdown which accompanies mellow electronic elements in the backdrop of the track. Again, the band mellow out the track which yet again breaks into their familiar brutal qualities. ‘Give up the Ghosts’ feels lethargic in the chorus, but the verses still hit you hard to maintain a strong momentum in this EP. ‘Make Amends’, ‘Subsidence’ and ‘The Divide’ all display similar elements of the previous tracks, which could hint that this EP may have been a bit stretched for material.


The conclusion? It’s a quality debut effort by a band full of talented members, but it may be a bit stretched. A shorter EP of the best songs off the track listing may have been a better listen, but it is clear that this band is onto something huge if they build on the momentum this EP possesses.

Track listing
1. The First Collapse
2. Wreckage
3. Cause and Effect (Feat. Sean Scott)
4. Give Up The Ghosts
5. Make Amends
6. Subsidence
7. The Divide

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Words by George Fullerton.

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