The Glorias

Well, it’s been barely a year in the making but these guys have put together a sturdy debut LP that we @ RR have the pleasure of reviewing. With a band featuring ex-members of two of the area’s Premier Punk acts then the bar has been set high indeed. Here goes then.

“Riding With the G-Men” is the perfect opener, an instrumental track with the feel-good factor thrown in for good measure. Chunky guitars, noodling, punchy drums and an overall Dirty RnR/Rockabilly twang to it. We even get one or two yelps in the background! “Let’s Go” remains powerful but adopts a more Pub Rock sound. Pacey, powerful and written as an ode to a lady one suspects. One imagines a biker in full garb, off to pick up his dame. It’s dirty and it’s Rock n’ Roll and flows from the previous track.

“No Mercy” starts off slower, more considered – yet doesn’t lack any power. Scratchy, chunky guitar lines and an anthemic chorus on this more laid back cut. Gez (lead vox) twists his layered vocals in places while the bridge is strained and noodly. Its singalong and easy on the ear, yet never dull. “Rollin’ On” twists and noodles its way in, layered and with a very Yank-influenced vocal. Huge guitars and heavy hitting with strained chords in the bridge, right up to the finish which is original, to say the least.

The Glorias

“The 9.03” has the best opening on here, superb guitar lines before that confident vocal comes in. Unmistakably about waiting for a train no less! Yes, we’ve all been there. It’s a bouncy little number with simple drumming and some intricate picking. There are hints of Glam in there too, and that now customary staple here, noodling in the bridge. The BR edit at the end is a clever touch and not lost here – I would love to know how they replicate that in the live arena though?! More noodling takes the song to its conclusion and a great fadeout. “It’s All Good” is heavily influenced in its opening before becoming the ballsy powerhouse that it is. Den’s chunky drumming is matched to some hard, heavy guitars and a sharp vocal that screams Pub Rock. Gez’s vocal tones are dark in places but never stand still while his range is quite varied but doesn’t lack in quality.

“Life’ll Get Ya” is one imagines a story or account of life in general, a song about struggle and ‘moving on’ put to music. Neither positive nor negative it has a clear message. Gez’s laid back almost lazy drawl really suits this track while the chorus has a real honesty attached to it, but the guitars are the centrepiece. There’s a slight hint of New York Dolls but the similarities (to me) end there. More noodling briefly in a shortened bridge and the ending is sharp, leaving one just begging for more of the same which comes in the form of “All Systems Failing”. Another ode to a lady I’m guessing? Faster paced it has that more Rock n’ Roll feel of earlier cuts on here with a slight Dark/Punk edge.

The Glorias

“Broken Hell” stays in the same vein, its R ‘n R and it’s Dirty. The slightly understated vocal suits the clangy guitar notes and the layered backing vocals. It has that 70’s feel to it and once again a heavy dose of noodling right through to its conclusion. The LP ends with ‘Trail of Tears’ which is distinctly different from the previous 9 songs and hints at (IMO) where The Glorias might take their sound on future releases. I’m reminded of The Professionals in their brief pomp. It has Jonesey’s guitar stamp on it and a noticeably cleaner sounding vocal that again borrows heavily from the aforementioned.

With a seemingly regular support to some stellar names recently on the South Coast, this quintet is aiming high. With these ten songs they have set out their stall and with regular gigs have honed their craft to something rather special. While their influences seem so few it is refreshing to hear a band not trying too hard to re-invent the wheel. Have all the right influences yes, but always strive to be different. Occasionally a band just comes along under the radar and makes a big noise, but for these guys, they have earned their stripes in their previous incarnations. This is their time and I fully expect The Glorias to take it to the next level, wherever that may be.

Track listing
Riding with the G-Men
Let’s Go
No Mercy
Rollin’ On
The 9:03
It’s All Good
Life’ll Get Ya
All Systems Failing
Broken Hell
Trail of Tears

The Glorias are
Den Barry – Drums
Andy Cornish – Bass
Mark Rogers – Guitars
Gerard Driffield – Vocals
Bill Gaynor – Guitars


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.