The Hype Theory

On 10th October 2011, The Hype Theory finally surfaced after releasing their debut album “Glory Days”. The flamboyant four piece, led by feisty front girl Katy Jackson have been showing some killer potential recently with positive feedback flowing in their direction following the release of their first single “Kids At Heart” back in August. The success following the release of this single gained them plays on Kerrang! TV and Radio as well as Scuzz TV, which in turn helped them secure slots at festivals such as Download, Sonisphere and T in The Park.

The album sparks to life in the form of opener “He’s Your Problem Now” which demonstrates Katy Jackson’s powerful vocal capacities, which have a unique twist to fuel an energetic chorus. Sadly, after being an avid pop punk listener for a few years, this track seems a bit predictable and this problem seems to occur throughout the album. It’s almost as if the band has taken every template for a pop punk song and slightly twisted it. Luckily, some of the bands lyrics make up for the albums predictable direction and “Hold Tight” instantly shines out to me as a crowd favourite through memorable repetitive lyrics “this is yours for the taking”, which would most likely be shouted back at the band at live shows.

The Hype Theory

The songs aren’t cheesy on this record, and this is certainly an album that you would listen to from start to finish, rather than skirting around for the best cuts. The standout track has to be the band’s debut single ‘Kid at Heart, which is infectiously catchy and achieves the balance of pop and punk to a tee. The rest of the album is easy to listen to, but due to the generic templates of each song, I don’t have much to say in particular.

This album is a worthy first effort, with a few fire crackers waiting to be let loose and paint the sky with their potential combustibility, but although it is a solid listen, they may need to figure out some more unique traits other than their singer’s exquisite vocal talents. If this band gives it time and head in the right direction, they could spread their sound like a malicious virus across the UK.

The Hype Theory

Track listing
1. Hold Tight
2. Kid at Heart
3. You’re Going Home Alone
4. Rich and Famous
5. Where We Started
6. He’s Your Problem Now
7. These Are The Times
8. We Will Be Singing
9. Our First September


Words by George Fullerton.

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