Champions, Bournemouth

Sepia Daze

It’s Wednesday night at Champions and four local acts of differing elements of rock are here to display their wares. First up are Ordering Chaos. Four young chaps on what is only their 2nd gig, and it shows. Yes they can play, it’s just all a little scattered. Chaotic though it isn’t.

Mark (guitar) seems a little bored with the Ed Sheeran jokes but smiles nonchalantly throughout. Singer Louis delivers good vocals on most if not all the songs while Josh (drums) timing improves after their opener. Their set would be Chinners playlist, and comprises 3 competent covers and some decent originals, the highlight being “Devils Playground” which they end on. They must be doing something right as they have the largest following in the room and while there’s obvious room for improvement, youth is on their side. Expect to see Ordering Chaos in a venue near you soon.

Champions: Ordering Chaos
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Bad Magic are up next and bad they definitely are not, magic they are. If ever a rock band plays in Bournemouth with this much confidence and swagger, then they’ll have to go some to better these guys. They have songs, stage presence,confidence,the right attire and, most of all-talent. Chris (vox) takes his lead from many a successful Rock vocalist,to this reviewer there is more than a smattering of Axl Rose but you could name a few. His vocals are clear despite the volume! Rus on lead is an occasional “shoegazer” but also delivers a decent vocal. Scotty (bass) patrols the stage while Andy (drums) is gurning throughout. His hand speed and power is amazing as he is determined to end each song with a roll or fill. Their set comprises mostly originals but they end on a high with “Whole Lotta Rosie” which they meld into a medley of other Rock classics. Great set,great band and worth a trip to Mr. Kyps in December for some more.

Champions: Bad Magic
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Traffic Cone Wizard are the penultimate act tonight and having found out they haven’t had a soundcheck, I know we are in for some classic entertainment-courtesy of singer Jas. Unlike the previous 2 bands these guys deliver a more 80’s Goth/Electro-inspired sound. Swelled to a 5 piece we instantly get a wall of sound which at times dampens what is otherwise a perfect vocal accompaniment to their songs. They open with 2 originals then launch into Tubeway Army’s “We are so Fragile”. The keys are overly heavy but you wouldn’t want to replicate the original too much and they make it their own. “No Secret” sees Jas vocalising and dancing a la Morrissey – clearly the mid-80’s are a feature of their output! The only thing missing is all the band members dressed in black! However, the wall of sound accompanied by shoegazing is spot on. “Shadowplay” gets the TCW treatment, but again doesn’t disappoint. All in all a good set as they end with “Grease & Grime”.

Champions: Traffic Cone WIzard
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Sepia Daze end the night to a very sparse room and straight away launch into their set of 2 minute fast and furious numbers. The wall of sound is now deafening while the vocals are largely unintelligible. Two songs in and once again “the curse of the daze strikes” – a broken string! It gives the guys a chance to jam before they return to business. More shoegazing amid the wall of noise (bit of a theme running here)! Their set is almost entirely original and powerful throughout. They take Subways “Somewhere” to a new level with the screaming but don’t disappoint – who wants polish! The drums are heavy throughout which is a staple we have come to expect from Damien (Ayriss). The last two songs are the best in their set and vocally appear clearer. They end with a Cardiacs cover, and I go home with ringing in my ears!

Champions: Sepia Daze
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Ordering Chaos
Slither (velvet Revolver)
Halo (soil)
Lonely Train (Black Stone Cherry)
Deal With It
Forever Apart.
Devils Playground

Bad Magic
Bite The Bullet
Number 1
The Swing
Hear You Calling
Laoded Gun
Light It Up

Traffic Cone Wizard

Hanging Tree.
We Are So Fragile(Tubeway Army)
No Secret
Spirit of the Age
Face Dont Fit.
Shadowplay (Joy Division)
All Smiles.
Grease ‘n’ Grime

Sepia Daze
Free Spirit
Live in the Coconut
Drop Your Bombs
Time Forever
A Note To Dr Johnson
Somewhere (The Subways)
I Dont Smile
Stop Accusing
Limb From Limb
Is This Life(The Cardiacs)

Ordering Chaos

Bad Magic

Traffic Cone Wizard

Sepia Daze

More Videos from the evening can be found on the Rock Regeneration You Tube channel;

Band Web Links!/pages/Ordering-Chaos/141720295891520!/allthisbadmagic?sk=info!/sepiadaze

Review By Ross Ferrone
Pictures Videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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