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Disco's Out, Murder's In

It’s the night before New Years Eve and Disco’s Out,(Murder’s In) are the support act for Nuttyness,the premier tribute to Madness. As usual for DOMI they turn up on stage in costume. Anyone who has been to a DOMI show will know this is standard fare for the band. Take nothing away from them though, they also have a clutch of good tunes.

The venue is still only half full so it could be hard work but they immediately get the punters onside with “New Song”. For those of us not new to DOMI this is classic festival music. As the crowd warm to DOMI they start to dance a little, encouraged by singer Steve. His smile and enthusiasm throughout is infectious. At times however the overall wall of sound drowns out the vocal, but there are six of them so who am I to criticise! Steve asks if we have any clowns in tonight? Apparently none so they carry on regardless with “Clown”! More people start to dance and they really hit their stride with the “Rocket From the Crypt-esque” “Stuck in the Middle” which is the set highlight ensuing the first crowd participation. After two more numbers they leave the stage to generous applause from this ever expanding crowd.

Mr. Kyps: Disco's Out (Murder's In)
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What more can one say about Nuttyness that hasn’t been said before. They’ve got it all in spades; the look, the songs, stage prescence, confidence, and a set to get Kyps moving from start to finish. “Baggy Trousers” is the highlight but simply there are no lows. They’ll be back in six months time, as will I suspect most of tonights crowd. Once again a “big up” for this great venue putting on another “free” gig. With venues in the locality shutting its good to know at least one venue in this area has got the formula just right. Great all round.

Mr. Kyps: Nuttyness
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Disco’s Out, Murder’s In
New Song
Say Something
Stuck in the Middle
Blow My Mind
Back to the Start

Review and Pictures by Ross Ferrone.

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