Lower Lands

Lower Lands are four lads from Lincoln who are making waves with the release of their new EP “Canvas”, as they surge through the boundaries of alternative rock. After big names such as Rock Sound and Big Cheese magazine gave bright reviews to the band, their future seems promising and bigger stages surely await them.

Opening with a scuzzy brew of bass and suspense, opening title track Canvas bursts into life through soaring vocals and stabbing riffs from the off. Their soaring vocals in the chorus seem evidently one of their more critical factors when defining their sound, as single “Eat The Rich” hooks the listener in with sweeping melodics and storming chord sequences. The EPs ability to fuse catchy structures with moments of madness allows this band to pen an outrageous tinge of true alternative to their pulsating sound.

Lower Lands

As “Line Check” slows down proceedings with sweet harmonies in the chorus, their formula to throw in a curveball every now and then doesn’t falter as the aggresively delivered lyric “we’re not going home til we’re fucking done” sweeps majestically back into their harmony induced choruses. I can only predict that “Wasted Youth” cleverly preaches of times when we waste our youth (well, duh) through being wasted on drugs and alcohol, allowing a serious message to be delivered through lush harmonies in the chorus and penetrating riffs in the verses. Finally “Parasite” leaves Canvas ending with a hint of a hard edged version of We Are The Ocean’s latest material.

Canvas can be underlined as an outstanding example as to why this band are being tipped as serious contenders for future glory. Their unpretencious brand of alt rock has clearly wooed the likes of Deaf Havana and Kids In Glass Houses in the past, so why shouldn’t more bigger names help this band reach the platform they deserve? Lower Lands could very well be making waves this year, but a debut album will most likely determine whether they’ll realise their potential or stand still and watch success pass them by.

Track Listing
1. Canvas
2. Eat The Rich
3. Line Check
4. Wasted Youth
5. Parasite

Download the EP for however much you like from their Bandcamp page.


Words by George Fullerton.

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