Maple Trails by Bear Cavalry

Whilst in the midst of Winter, it’s quite ironic that I was sent none other than Bear Cavalry’s “Maple Trails” EP, as it is from a band who personify the summer we all know and love. The Gosport based four piece fuse intricate rhythms, African chants, trumpets, falsetto vocals and electro synths to create a genre which can’t be labelled with ease. If I was to make up something, I’d slap them down as a “Tropi-pop” band, simply due to their tropical vibes and pop driven hooks. They have received exposure from BBC Radio 1 and played shows with Rizzle Kicks, Tubelord, Hot Club de Paris and Tall Ships, which has helped earn them a loyal following.

The EP kicks off with the increasingly groovy “Roman Summer” which develops a sort of indie flavour with progressive elements approaching the chorus. This track follows a common theme with next track “Custom Hands”, as groovy guitar riffs and funky drum patterns lay out a similar structure to the previous track. There are mentions of “Palm Trees and Waves” and “Dreaming of New York” which can’t help but build the imagery of their music being played in the backdrop of a sunny day, with hula competitions and pineapples strewn across a long beach.

Back to the EP, and the continuing vibes of dance, tropical and pop music flow into “Will Smith Solves The Rubik’s Cube” which appears slightly subdued compared to the previous songs, but sky rockets into an addictive trumpet fueled hook with reverb soaked guitars accompanying the atmospheric vibes being generated. “Dragon Milk pt II” starts with a soft, emotional greeting which seems to almost yo-yo between the more subdued side to their sound and the eventual dance provoking grooves of an indie stomp. There are elements of Two Door Cinema Club shining through in this track, as indie guitar driven riffs draw things to a close.

Bear Cavalry

Bear Cavalry have twisted many genres to form what I can only describe as when you mix the red slush puppy with the blue one. There’s not much wrong with this EP, although “Roman Summer” and “Custom Hands” sound a bit similar at times, but generally, this EP’s genre exploring qualities and multi-instrumentalist qualities overshadow this minor flaw. Expect this band to be lighting up festivals this Summer and make sure you give this EP the listen it deserves, from start to finish.

You can download the EP here:

Track Listing
1. Roman Summer
2. Custom Hands
3. Will Smith Solves The Rubik’s Cube
4. Dragon Milk pt II!/bearcavalryband

Words by George Fullerton.

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