Anvil, Bournemouth

The brothers Grimmer

Western Sand kick off the Anvil’s first live music event with their 70’s tinged classic rock blasting out around the small venue. Quality songs and excellent musicianship combine to make an impression on those gathered. Duelling guitars and a powerhouse rhythm section get the Anvil crowd in a party mood.

Anvil: Western Sand
Western Sand: 0102030405060708

Following the classic rockers are progressive outfit Devil In The Detail, a few people have come down just to see them perform tonight. They sound good with some long technically intricate songs that slow proceedings down but their thoughtful musings just didn’t sit right, sandwiched (on the bill) between two hard rock bands.

Anvil: Devil in the Detail
Devil in the Detail: 010203040506

One of those bands, Sansara, get the party going again and rock the Anvil basement to the max. Good hard rock from one of Bournemouth newest bands. The crowd really loved them and it’s not difficult to see them making a name for themselves in the future. Full on guitar riffs, solid melodic rhythm section and strong vocals, a few more live shows to tighten things up and these guys should go far.

Anvil: Sansara
Sansara: 01020304050607

The last band of the night were Brothers Grimmer, I hadn’t seen them live before but I’d listened to track ‘Who I Am’ on recommendation from In Rock We Trust’s Dan Renton. Visually they are a collection of Hippies, Goths & beatnik’s and audibly they produce funked out hybrid of progressive 70’s rock with a folky type of vibe. I had to bail early so I didn’t catch the end of their set but I will defiantly make it a priority to catch a full show by these guys.

According to The Anvil attendance throughout the evening was excellent with 130 punters watching the first live show on offer there, respect to Bournemouth for supporting live music. I’m looking forward to more cool shows to come.

Anvil: Brothers Grimmer
Brothers Grimmer: 010203040506

Words and pictures by Dan O’Gara.

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