MG and the Juggernaut

MG and the Juggernaut have been around the Bournemouth live scene for a few years now, cutting their teeth by playing shows in nearly all of the local venues to good reviews.

Certainly when I’ve ever caught them live, they have always produced a good hard rocking set. Battlefield kicks the EP off with a cool riff and when the vocals/chorus begins Iím instantly reminded of LA rockers Suicidal Tenancies which is no bad thing. Track 2, Running (Back to you), is the longest track on the EP and starts with some gentle guitar picking that morphs into a doomy riff that in turn morphs into a fast-paced affair some good guitar and bass lines thrown around.

MG and the Juggernaut

Title track Tool has a more progressive feel to it with the vocals slightly more melodic and a huge chug-a-long riff that demands that you slow-bang your head. Wolves orchestral opening and subsequent slow paced tempo is the EP’s “change-down-a-gear” song, it could be slightly longer with heavier guitars and so lacks a bit of substance in my opinion. EP closer Crushed to Pieces is a kick ass send you on your way slice of Metallica inspired rock, good stuff! Overall the vocals are a bit lost in the production but this is a band intent on moving up the ladder and if they keep writing to this standard they’ll get to where they want to be pretty soon. You can buy your copy of the EP here on the band’s bandcamp page ( for just £5

MG and the Juggernaut

MG and the Juggernaut are…
Simon Miller – Guitars & Vox
Rich Webber – Bass
Perry Wicks – Drums

Track Listing
1. Battlefield
2. Running(Back To You)
3. Tool
4. Wolves
5. Crushed Into Pieces

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Review By Dan O’Gara.

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