Billy Vincent

Billy Vincent, a London based quintent, who almost defy a category, but I would place them a modern day English folk with classic rock tendencies, with a hint of Brit-Pop, but also a range of styles that spring off from there, with possibly the odd nod towards Rob Thomas.

Opening with “Dead Man Shoes”, a country sounding, well at least for gentle fiddle playing providing a smooth sliding sound to accompany the vocals. It possesses a warm and well rounded confident sound. And this sound continues throughout the album. The tempo increases with the second track, “And It Fights” whose dark lyrics could easily slip the listener by. Again, followed by another increase in tempo, with a track that should get any venue going with “The Wayward Fall In Line”, and no doubt the crowd would be heartily singing along to this song. Things change again for “Whittled Away” with some very thought provoking lyrics. The album continues to vary, but maintains a thought provoking feel as they take you on a journey into their world.

Despite all these changes the album has a strong cohesive quality, and no track feels out of place. With the albums strong poignancy, and strong melodies, it reveals itself to be a terrific listen.

Billy Vincent

Closing with “The Ballad of Billy Vincent” the album screams out for more attention, and for another listen. It got more than just one more listen.

Described as “…an inspired collection of tales, expertly crafted and delivered with an intense passion and assured confidence. The album’s variety and inventive amalgamation of genre’s reflects the bands true musicality, creating a satisfying, yet unpredictable record.” – there is not much more to add to that!

“She” is available from 7th May through Something Nothing Records.

Billy Vincent

Line Up
Billy Barratt & David Vincent – vocals, guitars
Joseph Kinsey – bass, harmonica, vocals
Matt Woodward – fiddle, vocals
Jack Blenkinsop – drums, vocals.

Track Listing
Dead Man’s Shoes
And It Fights
The Wayward Fall In Line
Whittled Away
Where Jemima Goes
4, 5, 6
Lisson Grove
Beneath The Castle Floor
Bottle Top
The Ballad of Billy Vincent


Words by Jon.

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