Calm For The Restless

There seems to be a lot of nautical themes happening at the moment and is this more than evident from the new EP from “Calm For The Restless” and their EP “Destroyed But Not Defeated”. Bursting out of Stevenage this quintet seem set to take on the world with their catchy brand of Alt/Rock.

Opening with “After Tonight” the vocals grab, just as the tempo and rhythm whisk you off your feet, and before you know it the chorus rallies out. Keeping the music under control the vocals get the chance to stand tall, while the sections in the track allow them to take centre stage. In between some nifty guitar work comes the rally cry of the title ‘After Tonight’.

“Shadow Of A Man” is a gentler track from the radioesque-styled vocals punctuating the clean vocals, and the clickity-click of Mike’s drum-sticks. It crescendos up but keeping everything together avoiding a chaotic explosion.

“Blue” opens with the guitar being picked at a cyclic fashion, and slowly gnaws away at you as the drums come in. And while packing a larger punch if flows well throughout its layers. While “Lost To The Ocean” is a slightly different affair to the rest of the album, it’s stance is a little more punchy in delivery. It evolves into a catchy track that flows from the gentle, up to a powerful chorus. The guitar work peaks out and an umber of styles are employed throughout the track, all the while keeping your attention as the rhythm flows with ease.

Calm For The Restless

Closing the EP is “Bury Me In The Waves” which is a beautiful track as the rolling drums pull into the track – this will be one for large audiences. The acoustic guitar plays off Don’s heartfelt vocals, and even as the track opens up there is a heaviness to the proceedings.

The EP moves from powerful to gentle with ease, and whichever aspect it is in you cannot help but be enthralled. It is sincere, powerful, and these guys just work well together producing a dynamic and melodic sign, yet a slight raw edge just to keep your interest. As with an EP you get lost in; where is the album, especially as this is their second EP.

Line Up
Don Macauley – Vocals
Martin Bradford – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Westwood – Drums
Mark Randall – Bass
Tom Holbrook – Lead Guitar

Track Listing
After Tonight
Shadow Of A Man
Lost To The Ocean
Bury Me In The Waves


Words by Jon.

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