The Boy Royals

The Boy Royals, formerly known as Town have released a new single which I have gratefully accepted the opportunity to review. This Newport based band celebrate all things British with their “Britbeat” – influenced sound. On new single “Voice of the Future” there’s an unmistakable nod in the direction of the Enemy with the vocal,all swagger and grit.

It’s more classic indie-crossover than britbeat but delivers nonetheless. Throw in some chiming guitars a la “Definitely Maybe” era Oasis in the backbeat, although you could choose from any number of bands from this genre. But to this reviewer it’s a celebration of music’s finest and there’s more than a dash of Northern Uproar at their Punkiest mixed in with the power drums of These Animal Men. That’s a great deal of influences but there’s no shame in that. Celebrate the past and make it your own! Yes there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before but lets revel in all that is good in British music. The Boy Royals have released a “right royal gem” in this,their follow up to the anthemic “Teenage Sky”. More of the same please guys!

Download – Voice of The Future here for free:

Alex Nash
Hamish Kay
Jamie Roberts
Luke Marc Hughes


Words By Ross A. Ferrone

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