The Sabres

The Sabres is a new 3 Track EP, a forth-coming taster for their new album.

Bournemouth Punk/Rock outfit The Sabres have a new EP out which has fallen into the hands of Rock Regeneration for review. On “Shade of Light” the guitars are very “Post/Punk” and I’m hearing a smidgeon of U2’s “I Will Follow” in the chords! The vocals are a nod toward Billie-Joe but that’s where the influences stop.

On “Quiet Space” I’m hearing Weezer in the intro but where this song differs from “Shade of Light” is how they have clearly kept the “demo” sound in there. I’m not too sure about the noodly middle 8 as (to me) it doesn’t really fit with this song. However, this EP is bordering on the experimental, and for that I applaud them. “St. Serenity”, dare I say it has a very Vampire Weekend sound in the guitars and once again I find the middle 8 overlong but this is purely a personal opinion.

What sets The Sabres apart from a lot of local bands of this genre is their ability to ‘push the boat out” while covering a range of styles. Also, the vocals are coherent and audible throughout and not drowned in the mix. The Sabres quite clearly are not bothered about writing the classic 3 minute Punk song, they are “doing it their way”! Having not witnessed a live show by this band I will endeavour to catch them live and to see if they replicate this sound. All in all a decent EP, and one I’d recommend.

Quiet Place
St. Serenity
Shade Of Light

Richie Adams
Martin Ramsay
Gareth Davies

Words By Ross Ferrone

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