the Winchester, Bournemouth

Featuring Kentucky Fight Club,The Gutter Rats, Slap Dash Picks and Tim Somerfield


It’s St. Georges day,its damp and inside The Winchester all is quiet! For this event,in its 3rd year I believe,its not looking good. The bands and girlfriends aside its sparse to say the least. Everything seems to have conspired against this night. Bad weather, a Monday night, even the Gutter Rats bassist has had to pull out through work! These facts aside the talent on offer is diverse and enjoyable. Opening is Tim “Afro Ninja” Somerfield who gives us a few originals and covers. He apologises for opening with a cover by Yank Rockers Kerbdog, on St. Georges night! We forgive him as he rattles through a confident set including the Foo’s “Everlong” and Chilli’s “Zephyr”. St. George would be proud!

Tim SomerfieldTim Somerfield

Slap Dash Picks are up next,an interesting duo who play straight up old skool Rockabilly. Rob on the double bass is confident in his picking which accompanies Dave’s guitar work and clear,coherent vocal style. Although its not really my bag I have to confess its very well delivered-it must be a little disheartening playing to a handful of punters when you’re putting this much effort in. ‘Gypsy Woman’ is a highlight for me and they end in buoyant mood with their take on ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’.

Slap Dash PicksSlap Dash Picks

I wont lie,I’m here for the Gutter Rats. Tonight they are trimmed to a 3 piece with bassist Hamster” having to work. Jason (vox) takes over bass duties and with little practice has a decent stab at it. Damien on drums is as frenetic as usual and despite being trimmed to a 3 piece they pull it off. Their staple cover of Joy Division’s “Shadowplay” gets an early airing in between some good originals, but their standout track is a cover of The Stranglers “Bring On The Nubiles” which is excellent. More originals follow before they depart with another classic cover,”Fisticuffs in Frederick St.” by Toy Dolls. Whether well rehearsed or thrown together last minute you always know Gutter Rats will “put on a show”.

Gutter RatsGutter rats

Headliners tonight are another band new to my ears. Kentucky Fight Club are unashamedly CowPunk! They stride onstage and play a confident set of original material with a couple of covers. Altogether their sound is clean and unfussy. Faceman on drums has a relaxed style to his drumming behind “Harricot Beans” on mandolin, who shoegazes, and gurns in equal measure. “Ski Daddle” (bass/lead vox) has great vocal delivery as he pulls shapes almost throughout. Their songs are decent all night, but due to licensing laws their set is cut somewhat short. I leave knowing I will probably make a real effort to see these guys again. On tonight’s evidence and a decent size audience I feel they will come into their own. All in all a good gig on a damp Monday night. The big question for me though is where is everyone!

Kentucky Fight ClubKentucky Fight Club

Review and Pictures By Ross A Ferrone.

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