Aussie Retro-ists Me have a mini album out and it might just be the most interesting music you hear in a while. Influences will cover a wide range of the spectrum but to this reviewer one or two stand out. On opener ‘Naked’ its the high notes in the vocal that remind of Justin Hawkins, sung over the music of Suede! Sounds a bizarre combination but ME are clearly out to surprise (or confuse) us!!

“Insert Voice Here” is Queen-esque while the music sounds almost theatrical. More “Hawkins” harmonies come to the fore but different singers will come to mind with different listeners! “Dutch Medicine” reminds me of Martin Grech and is a trippy,almost hypnotic little number that veers away from the content of the other songs. “Slow Children Run” once again recalls Queen with further hypnosis on offer in the music,especially on the keys. With lyrics about “pills” its possible to see where this song is aiming! “Westward Backwards” is Bolan-esque in the vocal delivery over a weird and wonderful take on their 70’s inspired rhythm’s.


Closing track ‘Like a Fox’ (for this reviewer) is the LP highlight. Imagine Sparks’s Russell Mael singing Buzzcocks “Everybody’s Happy Nowadays” – perish the thought! This mini LP debut I’m sure would appeal to open minded listeners who want to be transported back to the early 70’s. You may not agree with me on the influences but ME certainly like to challenge us in their own particular musical style I won’t pigeonhole them-that would be pointless. However, I would implore you to spend just £5 Sterling and give this an open-minded ear.

Insert Voice Here
Dutch Medicine
Slow Children Run
Westward Backwards
Like a Fox



Review by Ross A. Ferrone.

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